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26 March 2021


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Yesterday, as we drove past a house that in a few weeks will be mine, my daughter in law suggested planting roses, which a swiftly dismissed in favour of more tropical plants and flowers.

After reading this post I am eager to plant roses.


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Wonderfully sweet story. I can think of an older woman friend with whom I shared many special moments. This reminds me. -Kate

powerful story of both love lost and friendship found. 🥀🌹

I have loved Annie stories for a very long time now. thanks for this one. It’s a delight. Xx

Gather the rosebuds while ye may
How beautiful and touching a story.
Annie is missed by us all through getting to know her through your lovely words.
I love all you share from your heart.
God bless you all
Love Jeanne

Always take time to smell the roses.

Such precious memories of Beloveds....Annie and John....forever held in your heart. Thank you for this beautiful story, Corey!

Such a beautiful moment frozen in time.The warm,and complex scent of roses almost emanates from the screen.

ANNIE ... Vos écrits avec elle me portent toujours vers des parfums qui me semblent connus de moi seule. D'un autre temps. C'est à chaque fois la même nostalgie envahissante.

Such a beautiful story. I really miss Annie. In two weeks I’m getting a new fence and raised flower beds built for my roses and favorite flowers. I shall plant a couple of French roses in memory of Annie and in honor of YOU♥️

I love all your Annie stories. How blessed you are to have known her.

I, too, too your Annie stories, beautifully tucked into your minds’s eye and heart- your ever-lasting sweet gift to each other.

So Beautiful!!

I have missed Annie stories. Thanks for this sweet Saturday morning kiss of rosebuds and memories.

Oh, I love this story. I remember when you wrote about making Rose jam with Annie. I loved all those stories. I felt like I knew her. She reminded me of my aunt who came to America from Italy. We spent a lot of time together and I heard so many stories about Italy and her growing up. I really miss her so much. Thank you for the lovely reminder of the beautiful memories we hold dear.

Beautiful photos given stronger meaning by your words. I miss Annie stories and now I’ll never look at a rosebud without recalling this story. There’s a magnificent rose garden nearby with hundreds of varieties that will be in bloom in June. I have just the bra for the occasion. Thank you Corey.

Beautiful stories, beautiful words, beautiful but sad memories. Brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you for sharing

This is not just a lovely short story, it is an entire book of two lives coming together. Thank you.

I’m sobbing, now, with the overwhelming emotion of this story.
After losing my mother, my brother-in-law, my brother, then my childhood friend, the world has been blackness. Thank you for a bit of beauty, albeit bittersweet

Beautiful. I love your stories of Annie and your friendship.

What an amazing story. Your John sounds so special and romantic.

What a wonderful story. Have not read an Annie story for a long time.
Thank you!

Shared memories,emotions,friendship,nature,nostalgia,rooted traditions,romance with a confused swarm of bees....quelle histoire!

This story touched my heart and soul. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Gosh, everyone has said it so well, lovely heartfelt, heartstring pulling stories of both Annie and your lost love John...what a unique memory to have of both of them.....Jennifer

Long after her passing, it's such a joy to still read stories of Annie.

Ahhh, Annie! Do those roses still bloom where she used to live?

I remember your posts about Annie . . .your deep and loving friendship, cooking and recipes, and other time shared together. I remember how much I wanted to meet her. Thank you.

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