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24 March 2021


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Kids are way smarter than people realize. In fact, I think they are more instinctively intelligent and have much better memories than they are given credit for.

I love this story so much! lol

Love this story! It's such a gift to little kids to take our time and try to understand what they're saying. Bravo to you. You and Gabriel make a good team.
When my son was under 2 he was looking out the window and said 'moon'. It was daytime. Turns out he was looking up through a knothole in the wooden eave of our house and the bright sky through the hole looked just like the moon.

He is absolutely beautiful! Smart too!

He is SO special !!! In so many ways !!! xoxo

Je me régale de vos aventures " grand-maman " ! Gabriel est un Géo Trouve Tout en herbe et vous êtes son assistante !!!

Corey, you are the BEST....This has to be the VERY BEST THING I have heard today ....actually in many several days!!!!! I am so glad the lollipop was the answer......I have so many Business Peeps that I am looking forward to enlightening with this message, LOL !!!!! Life is so short, but sweet, we all need to just have a lollipop once in awhile no matter what it may fix .......Stay Safe :)

May we all be more childlike and believe more of what we see.

Clever fellow! We should all be so observant...and beautiful.

I love this. He lives in his world of experience and if that's the tool, then that's the tool !

Cute and clever perfect combination! 🤣😂🤣
My (same birthday) bellissimo bambino 🥰

What a great story and lesson—-how deeply little children observe and listen. We could learn a lot from them if we did the same. Thank you for the reminder, Corey and Gabriel!

How precious is this story and children and very brilliant in all ways.
My boy lollipop he makes my heart go giddyup. That song comes to mind
Much love and many blessings to you all
Love Jeanne

That is Hilarious!

Thank you for that wonderful story! So sweet.

Sweet story, sweet boy.💕

This story did NOT resolve as I thought it would. What an amazing mind Gabriel has. What a great reminder to for me not to dismiss children and assume I know what they’re thinking and why. To just listen to what’s being said and not said, shown but not always seen.

Totally charming story of life! I will chuckle all day thinking of this!

Oh, if only we all had been trained to believe that was the only sensible use for sugar!

Corey - he has the face of a cherub - beautiful! Such a sweet story and a such a smart and clever little one!

Wait until he tells you how to get to his house someday - very enlightening what they observe and use to guide them.

Oh Corey! This was so good, that I had to drag the laptop in the other room to read this to Dave. We love this darling story. What a cutie!

Children are so smart and observant! And they know what they want! Thank you for this wonderful story.

adorable story!

OK, so he is not only the cutest child in France, but the smartest too!

Great story about the clever wee chap...and what a lovely photo..he has rosebud lips...as they say! Cheers Jennifer

I love this story. Thanks for the smile. As my grandchildren are teen and pre-teen, I’m really enjoying sharing the joy of my friends’ younger grandchildren. Gabriel is a joy!

What a clever little monkey! Love this story

Thanks for the giggle! So adorable.

Love this!

Now this just makes me smile. Thank you!!
He is gorgeous!

Brilliant little mind! Don't you love how they observe and learn?
xoxo jody

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