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29 April 2021


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Beautiful is all you share with us. I love your fascination for French antiques and the history behind them all.
Much love always

They are wonderful! 💕

I would say my favorite photos are those of my parents since they have passed. My favorite of the miniature is the one of Jeanne, it looks as if a beloved child or sibling became a nun. As for the wine, you did mention my name, but I will come someday for a glass in the garden!

oh my goodness Corey!! I love this so much. Now I have to find a costume photo to go along with my miniature portrait! xoxoxox

Favorite photo is of my paternal grandmother, Martine. She is about 89 years old in the photo, sitting at her daughter’s back porch table with one hand on her chin, looking very happy. The photo is in my kitchen and makes me feel like Grandma is always watching over me and smiling.

That miniature captures my messy hair perfectly!

But I'd like to swap the wine for some delectable French pastries, s'il vous plaît.

OH MY GOSH....such a very clever post and funny too! You are not far off in your choice for g although i did see elements of myself in all of them the look the costume detail the head tilt ....THE EXPRESSION - i LOVE THIS POST and having read you for so long and those who comment i can see the link-- corey you are so funny .... i just love it- your attention to detail is marvelous! My favorite picture is my mom, on the beach-- circa 1970-71 --she would have been in her thirties-we were on a family vacation to the New Jersey seashore --Wildwood New Jersey- she is on the beach blanket-- on her knees but sitting she had just finished lotioning us up with Sea and Ski suntan lotion-- I can smell it now-- we never used Coopertone - it was probably too expensive - well she has her shortish dark hair windblown back: she has her terry cloth funnel neck beach coverup on wearing her RAY BAND SUNGLASSES-- a mom of 4 by this time....... but from the time I first saw this picture-- I SEE HER-- she is smiling a laugh smile-... not the mom of 4 children or the wife of my dad- but HER-- as a girl of summer--TO ME SHE LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL- SO ALIVE -SO HAPPY!! I remember bits of that day- I was maybe 7 I remember the sound of the ocean the wind and the suntan lotion - and THE WAY MY MOM LOOKED-I think that is why my father took the picture-- he saw her too in that split second-- the girl he loved and married- it is on our fridge. i look at it every day their wedding anniversary is today they would have been married 60 years .... wow ! i cannot wait to read the other comments-such a clever fun loving post. Piglet may sound like a name but pronounced in French i bet it is beautiful!!

These are great! I like Becky but Mom of 5 looks like one of my school pictures. Glass of wine in the garden would be lovely.

How fun! Lil is my favorite female.

Wine in the garden when safe!

These are magnificent! The ones with the overlays, spectacular. Wow...just, wow.

Well, I have two actually, if that is ok...one is of my lovely Dad as a wee toddler, sitting on his fathers knee looking sweet and chubby...the other of my Mum sitting on her own holding a little soft toy....my Mum was adopted as her mother got pregnant when unmarried and had to give up her lovely baby...a heart wrenching thing that it seems she never recovered from...my mother did not meet her, finding out who she was a few short years after her mother had passed away...she compensated for her life being difficult by adopting three babies herself, my three siblings...six of us all together..those photos are on my stairs...both my parents passed away, my Dad just a couple of years ago. I say Hi to them each time I go past on the stairs! I love all the minatures by the way, so many amazing faces and goodness knows so many stories behind each that would be wonderful to explore! Cheers from Jennifer

Ohhhhhh, what fun! Yup —- that’s my nose! How great it would be to know some of the stories behind these exquisite works of art.

My favourite photo is of my husband and our "best dog ever," Odelia. We lost Odelia in February of 2020 and my husband on our 36th wedding anniversary in June, 2020. You always share the most wonderful and inspiring pieces. <3

Your creativity is boundless....

I love Leslie’s curls, but my favorite is Jilly. that’s my favorite niece’s name and the portrait is beautiful. The details in such tiny paintings is amazing. The first photo I thought of is one of me at about 4 years old standing in the grass wearing jodhpurs, squinting into the sun. The other is my grandma from Germany sitting on the rocky beach at our family cottage on Lake Huron in Michigan with a beer bottle in hand! She had a big bosom and when she hugged me I would get buried in the warmth and protection of it. She also liked to nip us grandchildren on the cheek when kissing us!
Nina in Michigan

So charming!

What treasures these are. They entice the wonder of the ages and the thoughts that go through the minds. Kathie B comes to the front for me and you wish you could know more about her. You need the stories behind those faces.

Thanks for the nod! I'd trade her for the hair and the costume in which I'd be right at home.

I love miniature portraits. I wish they could talk to us. One of my favorite photos is of myself and my dad out in our yard. My dad is sitting in the grass and I am in his lap. I’m about 4 years old and very happy. The sun is out and I’m holding one of those pinwheels on a stick that goes around when the wind blows. Such a simple time back then. 😊

I recently received a copy of a portrait of my paternal grandparents. Until this time I had never known what they looked like. The cousin who sent me the picture had been promising for years to send the picture, and I finally confronted her about her dalliance in sending it. My grandmother died in 1914 and my grandfather died in 1925. My father was one of six boys and when their mother died they went to live in the Baptist orphanage. The family was very poor and I am greatly surprised they ever sat for such a portrait. I do not have a similar portrait of my maternal grandparents. So, early portraits are pretty scarce in my family. I find the tiny portraits amazing simply because of their size. The artist’s paintbrush must have been akin to an eyelash. A loyal follower, Judy

One -a black and white photo of my younger brother I took in 1972.
Two - One of me at my job when I was first in love and expecting my beau to stop by and see me.

These are so amazing and exquisite in detail, thank you for the wonderful history and story about these miniature portraits.

My favorite photo is my mom's hand holding a beautiful fountain pen. She loves to write and is always sending letters,articles of interest to me and other family members.

Another favorite is one of my dad when he was a baby (born 1923). It is tiny and black/white and has a "miniature portrait" aspect to it.

I am slow to the party of pictures, but loved all the names you chose.
What fun and a bit of silliness, just what is needed. The showoffs were particularly stunning.

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