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26 May 2021


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I've been following you on your blog for many years, but more recently on Facebook too.

I follow your blog only. I have an Instagram account but rarely check it and I get your FB postings, but to me the blog has the kind of content that I’m interested in. I started following you in 2011 before our first trip to France, when we spent a week in Provence. We actually spent the night in Casis and I still kick myself that I didn’t reach to you to meet!

Reach OUT to meet you

Solely on your blog.

I read your blog. It's become a tradition.

All three

I read your blog but I enjoy seeing your photos pop up on Facebook, as well.

Began reading your blog years ago and still enjoy reading and keeping up with your family and touring the brocantes. Once I latched on to Instagram, I began following you there also. Want no part of Facebook. 😊

I have been reading your blog for many years. Not on insta.

I only follow you on your blog. Not an Insta or FB person much.

All three, but your blog postings are the first thing I read when i turn my computer on in the morning.

I’d follow you to the ends of the earth! You are so lovingly good. The blog will forever be most treasured.

Dear Corey,

i come directly to your blog. it is my favorite, as between your photos and words i have never found another like it.. or wanted another.
it is true, romantic, fun, beautiful, charming, delightful, full of info, family oriented, full of life!!!! and more. no one else could replace you.

i also follow you on Facebook. i love the flowers, i love flowers period and nature. it is perfect.
personally if you added a story etc it might get lost. sometimes i scroll through quickly. i feel Facebook is great for photos.

i don't get on instagram often,,, enough is enough for me..i can't get swallowed up totally online., but i do find you quite charming wherever you are.

yours is the only blog i have read for years!!!!! and i don't see stopping...sometimes i go back and read...

thank you. seriously you have added beauty into my life that is rare
much love,

i read the blog daily and check comments a few times a day if i can-- facebook has a negative vibe for me really negative and dark - and the censorship is intolerable - i do not go on there at all and instagram is catching up but i do find it a nicer place to scroll and waste time- but the blog is the place i can spend the most time - connection!

I read the blog as it appears and have for some years. But I love the Facebook flowers and the little snippets of life on Instagram. I probably like your blog posts the most for the insight into your thoughts on life, your almost poetic reflections on sad and happy times, and the brocante stories. I guess I just like to follow you as a friend from afar.

I read the blog only. Like Judy, I want no part of facebook and, since they own instagram, I don't do that either.

I read your blog every day with my morning coffee. Sometimes it's a happy smile to start to my day or a touch of beauty from your love of nature or a serious thought-provoking question to ponder...whatever you share brings a pleasant wake-up. Seeing your Facebook and Instagram posts are an added bonus!

I only read your blog. And I have been reading for many wonderful years now! I choose not to participate in Facebook or Instagram. As long as you keep blogging, I will keep reading. I love your poet's heart and the beautiful way you look at the the world.

Hi Corey. I read your blog here at French La Vie. I have it bookmarked and check it at least once a day. I don't read any other blogs regularly but I've been visiting here daily for years and years. I've told many of your stories to my husband and he knows you as 'the French woman from Willows'.

I have followed your blog for years and that is still where I find you.

Your blog is where I love to catch you, but I have you on all three.

I only follow on your blog, and I am so happy you continue when so many others have abandoned the format in favor of Instagram. I am not one to just flip thru images or Facebook posts; your blog has depth and interest, and it is personal. I value that. I am invested in you as a person and the well-being of your entire family. Gabriel delights me--I love seeing that beautiful boy. And I just like you as a person. I could not get all this from Instagram or Facebook. Thank you.

Aloha Corey…follow on your FABulous Blog for years and IG…no FaceBook for moi!

Corey I follow you on your blog and on Instagram. You’re a blessing!

I read only your very heartfelt blog.

Only ici on your blog. ;-)

I read your blog daily, have for many years. Once in a while on Instagram, I never comment on Instagram. No FB for me. You have become part of my life. Always happy to know what’s happening in your life.

Your blog has for many years filled a special spot in my day! More recently,I've followed you on Instagram but I don't seem to be able to access insta at the moment...must hunt for the password I was 'sure to remember'. I do not do Facebook.BLOG ON!

You and my first cup of coffee are my morning ritual. Your blog is real and inspiring - even on the rough days. Thank you.

It has always been your blog. I have always checked email first thing and during each day. It feels more personal, like an old fashioned letter.

Nina in Michigan


Blog and Instagram.

I read your blog every morning and really enjoy it. I have also looked on Instagram but being "technologically challenged" find the blog easier and treat it like a small novella. Auguri from N.W. Italy ~ Ro

I follow your Blog


I love your family photos and news on the blog but equally am an avid Instagram follower which I look at regularly. Instagram has become a wonderful way to share photos and information that you can always delete if and when you wish. ❤️

Your blog. I don't have or use any other form of social media. I don't have a cell phone either. Enjoy this place so very much. Thank you

I have been following your blog for years, Corey. I like to take the time to read each day. Your poetry, beautiful photos and the American and French vibe, as you travel back and forth. Instagram is a place where I casually scroll and look at photos only.

Corey, I look forward to my daily email from you. It’s like a breath of fresh air from a beautiful part of the world. You also pop up on my IG but I like the blog the most

Only on your blog.

I follow your blog everyday, it's my go-to for a taste of France. Please don't think of changing anything!

I prefer the email that I receive that I believe is a copy of your blog - your thoughts are always a balm to my day - thank you for sharing your gift and skill with words and photos along with allowing us to also enjoy the happenings of your wonderful family...

I follow you on your blog (for many years, reading every post) and on Instagram (since I set up an IG account 4-5 years ago). I go on Facebook as little as possible and so do not follow you there.

I follow you on your blog and FB. Like most people here I read your blog first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee

I read your blog every day, and admire your Insta photos.

I follow you on your blog. I have recently followed you on Instagram, but don’t do Facebook.

I read your blog every day.

Hello Corey
I'm French, and have been following you since your children left home, on your blog. I follow you on your blog because it's a nice, gentle place to be, and this is the most important thing in life I think : kindness. Not the most widespread quality in this world, and yet it makes life so much easier to just be kind. Of course I enjoy antiques very much, and sometimes go have a look at your instagram looking for eye candy. Not that often, your pictures are often beautiful enough for my sweet tooth ;o)
No Facebook here, can't stand the idea of it...

All 3 I follow you on my darling one.
Fabulous is everything you share
Love Jeanne

I only follow your blog— always grateful for your beautiful reflections. Am not on any social media.

Dear Corey, I have been reading your blog for more than ten years. Since I am neither on Instagram nor Facebook (that is a CHOICE of mine) I am only here. Best from Munich!

Corey I have followed your blog for years, before your Dad died. I also read all your posts from when you started. Enjoy seeing flowers on Facebook as I don't have an Instagram account. 🙏🇦🇺🙏

BLOG only. Never joined FB or Insta. You greet me every morning with beauty.

I only follow your blog. I do not have any social media accounts.

I read ur blog, it’s so easy it comes to my mail box. I follow u on IG and don’t bother w FB, too negative.

I follow your blog only. Never joined FB or Insta.

Only the blog - every day. I have an aversion to FB and IG bores me.

I first and foremost read your blog every day, without fail! I also like to check on Facebook when I am on my phone, which is not as often as many folk...I am more of a computer buff than a phone fan! But I do and have checked out many of your daily floral images...always lovely and relaxing to see blooms. I also look at Instagram, but again not as much...blog all the way for this gal! Jennie

I follow you on all three blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t want to miss anything from you! I love being part of your internet neighborhood.
You, your family and all the adventures associated are endearing to me.

I've follow you on your blog for years. Recently I've followed you on both Facebook and Instagram as well. If I had to pick just one, tho, I'd choose to continue to follow you via your blog. I find it more conducive to pondering your thoughts and enjoying your photographs.

I look forward to your blog and I enjoy your posts on instagram as well.
Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us. Love, love, love the baby photos- keep them coming!

All three platforms, and I have to say that I love that you have different content on all of them. I love the eye candy of Instagram, the calmness of your FB posts, and your thoughtful words here. What a LOT of work that is for you, and I don't know if I have ever thanked you properly. THANK YOU.

I read the blog every day in my email feed.

Only follow your blog, I feel like I have a friend in France. I am trying to avoid social media like Facebook.

I've been following your blog for many years, but I'm also friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Hi, Corey I read your blog every time it's in my inbox. And enjoy each post.

All three! And wake up each day looking for the flower! Thank you!

On your blog, insta and fb (though I don’t see your fb feed, I realize.)
Love your posts wherever :)

Corey, I so enjoy following your blog and Instagram!

BLOG!!!! First thing every day. 💜

I’ve followed you for years with your blog, first thing.

I read your blog mostly. It is a highlight of my morning, no matter the topic. I have rarely checked in on Facebook.

I follow you on your blog only. I didn't even know you had a Facebook presence.

P.S. Like Jackie, I refuse to join Facebook or Instagram. Am also not on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any others.

Corey - I read your blog every morning. I don't "do" Instagram and I keep Facebook for family. But I am older - closer to your mother's age.
That said - I do look forward to reading your blog every day.

I have you in my feedly for your blog but I also follow you on Facebook and Instagram :) And I always love when you post flowers!


I read and love your blog every morning.

Every morning, I start my day by checking my email, your blog and then Facebook.

I read your blog. Everyday it comes in my email and it is always the second thing I read (first is a scripture verse for the day). A froend you prob didnt know you had! Love all your french inspirations, your family, and I have some roots in northern CA too.

Your BLOG is like a letter from a good friend...
Thanks for all you share about your family, friends and sense of place...
Whether in France or California...
Bette Lee Collins
Red Bluff, CA

Yes, Bette, the Blog, first email of the day, is like a personal letter, an inspiration for the day. Also Instagram. Please, please, publish your flower photos and words in a book. It would be a number ONE best seller. I thank you for it all.

I started with your blog, but follow you on all three. It’s you, me and a cup of coffee each and every morning, friend. I love that! 💕

I follow both your blog and FB. Your flowers on FB are like a contented sigh as they pop up amongst other less comforting posts. I've followed you for years and welcomed your friendly, kind posts and your sharing of your family and friends with us. Thank you for so much.

Good morning! I have been reading your blog via e mail for years. I sometimes see your posts on fb. I love your blog. It is intimate and comforting. I love your photos, your stories of life. I loved the wedding videos: I cried happy for them! You are a constant, positive in my life. I thank you.

Always the blog...makes my day.

I follow you on all three places!

Blog. I feel it’s a more personal intimate space. A safe place to post your family pictures, and everyone seems a friend. (Social media is too rough sometimes these days). Myself included have followed your blog for years and remember your dad telling you to please always keep writing the blog. I watched Chelsea and Martin’s wedding on the blog. Definitely the blog.

I follow you mainly on your blog and on facebook. I will add you to my instagram followings. I'm not on Instagram very often; although I should make some time for it.

WOW! All these responses! Corey, you are truly loved and appreciated and deservedly so. You share your joy and your pain and that is true friendship.

I have my morning coffee with you in Tongue in Cheek and see your FB posts when they come up.

Thank you for everything

Suki Tutthill
Murphys CA

Blog since about 18 months after you began. IG -never occurred to me to find you there until last year, so yes on both of these daily. I left facebook altogether 5.5 years ago because for whatever reason that platform seems less genuine, more negative, and has an amazing way to make people's filters fall completely off ->plus it keeps telling you that someone you know "liked" someone's (you have never followed or even know) posts, which *I* feel is a manipulative tool to drive traffic and keep you on longer than you planned. IG has that information, but doesn't 'advertise' it in the same way. I read the blog via a subscription reader which makes it convenient.

Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning or the last thing at night and I enjoy seeing you flowers and occasional comments on Facebook.Thank you for sharing.

Hi Corey, These days I mostly read your blog post every morning in my email inbox - so great to see it pop up everyday as I hardly ever go into my blogfeed any more. So impressed that you've managed to keep going daily all these years - I lost my blogging mojo a while back when writing became my full time job. Although I'm planning to go back to blogging soon - miss the connections.
And I see you on Insta and Facebook as well.
Even though I don't often comment here, I do send you and your family virtual hugs every time I read your posts Kxx

My “Corey” relationship began in 2009, with your blog. But I follow you also on FB and Instagram. Each venue connects with me in a different way, and I get a perk up with all three. Do I love the blog most? Probably, because it is a relationship that has been established. It’s a good thing!

Your blog every day. I enjoy seeing your photos on Facebook. I am thinking of leaving Instagram because I never look at it.

So...#1 choice is this BLOG!

Dear Corey,

Thank you for your question; I too, follow you mainly on your blog, reading it almost first thing every morning. Maybe it because I'm a former blogger and the platform seems a bit more personal to me.
Bravo on finding a positive way to deal with other social media posts; I all but abandoned most outlets during the last year, which seemed like a perfect storm of a political plague, racial revolution and health crises. Perhaps I'll have the courage to engage a bit more in the near future.

Meanwhile, know how much we appreciate your writings and as I plan to return to Nice after a few weeks in the US, I hope to see you at the Monday antique market on the Cours Saleya.

I only follow you on your blog and read it everyday with my morning tea. Thank you for your lovely heartfelt posts.

Hi Corey,

I read your beautiful words on your blog but don't follow you on Facebook even though I use it fairly often (unfortunately). As another American in France raising my children here and missing home at times, when I read your words I feel less alone in the strangeness of being torn between two countries. I don't comment often but I'm always wishing you and your family well. Thank you for sharing your insights and opening your heart to so many.


I follow only your blog, and would be bereft without it... you are 'my family' in France. I have it bookmarked so I can easily follow along most every day. I am not on any 'social media' such as FB, Instagram, or Twitter.
Kelley in Arizona

I read your blog every night. Tradition!

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