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27 May 2021


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Now if only you could find someone to teach Portuguese to Gabriel as well!

I missed the survey! It's easiest for me to follow IG, and FB for beautiful images, quick updates. I sometimes get sidetracked and forget to read each blog post. Then play catch-up.

I do agree, though, that this blog is a place of much encouragement. It's good for my soul.

BTW, Gabriel is going to navigate the languages beautifully, with the help of all his loving family! What a sweet, blessed little fellow.

Oh my Cory - to learn you also struggle each day to find a growing and calm place in your life is so comforting to hear - day to day life is not a giggle just now is it...

Yes, please a couple of questions - Does Yann still have the sailboat and had you ever been out in the boat - also completely unrelated - what for you is a typical lunch meal and do you have a favorite lunch dish or a favorite for any meal...?

I Love the title here "Kindred Spirits", how perfect! Your posts that have a photo of flowers, or anything else from the Flea Market attracted me, when I first saw your blog. But when you also have the time to post a message, and pictures of your family, it is very special! Whatever you do, I enjoy this blog of yours more than you can know. BIG hugs sent your way, from Wisconsin.

I too, would like to know more about what Yann is doing. Does he still own and fly his plane? Has he been taking his motorcycle on any trips? DO you and he ever plan to take another motorcycle trip together? What's the latest on the sail boat? How is Sasha's long distance relationship going ? And when are you coming back home for a visit ?

I missed out on the survey. I follow your blog and on Facebook. I'm curious about everything you do, but find that whatever you talk about in your blog is usually what I want to know about. Love following you and feel that I know you even though we haven't met, and I rarely reply on your blog. Thank you for all that you do share! Sending you love and hugs!

Corey - Loved hearing that you can be a "grumpy cat" also. As for me, I am grumpiest in the morning and most grumpy with my dear long suffering husband.

Your readers appreciate your honesty and how your comments cause us to reflect on our own lives.

Corey, I also missed the survey. I follow on the blog, as well as FB and Instagram. I can get lost for hours on Instagram, so I have to limit myself! Gabriel is so lucky to be growing up in a bilingual family. No immediate questions; I'm just happy to hear you are all well. The painting is lovely, by the way!

Hi Corey. I read your blog plus follow you on IG and FB. So fun watching Gabriel grow and explore! Thank you for your honesty and continuing to share your vision with readers.

Not the same Kathie as at 08:57 PM. No IG or FB.

I love the way your family speaks to Gabriel. He is one lucky boy, as he will be multi-lingual. Yes, there are days that blogging is like a prayer. Wishing I could figure out putting videos on the blog too.
Thank you for all you share.
Sending love!

I want to know what's going on with the auction and antique market. Are armoires still being treated like firewood? Is mid-century modern still everyone's dream? Are prices going up?

new Kathie B - Test

Old Kathie B -- still Kathie B, still old.

Old Kathie B: https://www.frenchlavie.com/tongue_cheek/2020/11/guest-post-kathy-baker.html

Well goodness me the language variables in your household are amazing, Gabriel will be well equipped to handle all that life throws at him with his multi-lingual upbringing.

No particularly big questions from me, except perhaps if you had to pick a special thing to find at a Brocante, that would take your breath away and make you want it immediately, would there be one thing in particular?

As for your remark that you are not normally as enlightened as you would wish to be and have to get past the grumps, that seems unlikely as you always portray a very thoughtful, kind and generous disposition in your blog and that to me is a reflection of who you are, as your blog readers would probably all testify to....I find your thoughtful engagement is one of the things I most like about you. In NZ we Kiwis are inclined to be self sufficient, pragmatic and pretty easy going, but of course there are lots of variations on that idea, as with all people around the world, we all have our good and bad aspects and we strive each day to be a best selves....which you show us in your blogs...so thank you for being you! Jennifer

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