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12 June 2021


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I wish I was in my 20's what I am now.

I second Marilyn's sentiment!

So much I still want to do, but not enough time to do it all, I fear.

I was just telling my husband that if I was mentally like I am now in my 20s and 30s I would have gotten into a lot more trouble. I'd have said 'YES!' a lot more often.

hummmmm i think i need to think about this... i have a lot of love for Bowie- i always knew he was different from other rock stars--- his intellect and humor were legendary- i read all i could get my hands on about him starting in 1980-so i believe his observation statement is said with great thought and personal experience yet for me i do not know if it is true .... but i really need to think about it.

I live near a church which rings bells at noon and 5 and I find it comforting. I’ve lived here longer than any place in my life with no intention of moving soon because I built an in ground pool during covid, so I’m super happy. Floating in it I study the butterflies, insects and birds, and watch the planes fly hoping to be up there again soon.

Oui, je suis d'accord!

Yes, si, ja, in any language, I agree.

Several years ago, our then four year-old looked at me and sincerely said "Grandma, you're old." I tried to explain that Grandma had just arrived from Paris for the weekend to celebrate her birthday (returning to France the next day) but, I decided instead to agree and ask "What else is Grandma?"

The blank stare gave me time to ask myself this same question for which my only response was "Grandma is also lucky because you can't be old without being lucky."

Here's to our good health, good luck and to fulfilling Monsieur Bowie's wise words by becoming the people we are meant to be.

Bon dimanche à tous,

I miss my youth, the energy, the fun and most of all my health.
Aging takes great courage.
Love Jeanne

I agree...mostly. I am far more confidant than I was when I was younger and certainly wiser. But I am less brave and carefree than I was before. When I was young I thought nothing of saving up the princely sum of $100 and paying $69 of that money for a ticket to San Francisco on a 1939 Greyhound Bus that a couple of hippies rigged up as a long-haul transport vehicle. They called it the Grey Rabbit and took out all the seats, replacing them with wall-to-wall mattresses, and charged $69 a head. Off we went. NYC to SF with a bus full of total strangers. I used some of the money to eat on the way. When we got to the Haight district (about a week later) I thought...hmmm, I wonder what I'll do now. I had about $18 in my pocket. I wouldn't do that again...I don't think...well, maybe...hmmm...

Yes. I like this person so much more. She's braver more thoughtful. More outspoken. And not so ready to please others for the same of pleasing. If I had been she in my 20s I would have no more often. I have 2 mantras now. If not now when? and Why am I doing this?

I'm thinking the person I should have always been is a blonde 20-something California surfer. So this process better start going in reverse soon, or I'm not going to get there before the finish line.

Sure do. Much freer to be me.

Agree with all of the above comments. How ever, I feel that growing older is not for the weak. I dislike not having the energy I used to have but I sort of go with it. For me I do not beat myself up over the things that I can no longer do with ease. I am healthy and will be married this year to my best friend for sixty years.



We can place fewer restrictions on ourselves and allow ourselves to develop our natural interests and personality, the freedom of more time to spend how we wish, maybe some wisdom to accept life as it is and appreciation for things overlooked when younger. More restrictions in physical capabilities, necessitating a sense of caution. As many have already said, if I could be who I am now, but go back 50 years.........as George Bernard Shaw said, "Youth is wasted on the young." One of my favourite quotes now that I'm old.

I don't believe that is true for everyone. As he aged my husband who was once loving and faithful to me turned into a cheater. He turned into someone I no longer recognize. At 68 I didn't expect to become one of those women they tell it's better to be cheated on than divorced.

By the time you are old, you have lived with yourself a lonnnggg time. You know what you like, and what you don't like. You know what makes you uncomfortable and you avoid this feeling without any guilt. Freedom is what it is, just down right freedom!!

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