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04 June 2021


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Corey, this is so beautiful!
Reading old letters (of a different sort) now with my husband...
and I ran across this in dashboard as we prepare to fly to Santa Barbara
tomorrow to see our son.
you have touched me deeply...

I love this beautiful story. I'm sure you made such a difference in her life, at least for that summer.

I have saved my dad's love letters to my mom during WWII. Hers to him didn't survive because he couldn't carry them for the 4 years he was fighting. I don't really know what to do with them or what will become of them. I guess the answer is to scan them and pass the digital files to the next generation.... But what of the letters themselves?

A very lovely story, Corey. You have lived such an interesting and meaningful life. Judy

Corey, I loved this story! Rose's house is probably what launched you into your brocante business- surrounded by all those wonderful antiques. I loved the fact that as a teenager you saw and appreciated beauty and brought a sleeping house back to life. What an amazing thing, and what a difference you made in Rose's life. I could just see the two of you eating lunch on the terrace. Thanks for making my day with this story from your past.

That was lovely. Very touching and brought out new emotions for me. What a lovely time for you both. Thank you!

Such a lovely, beautiful and touching story, Corey. Thank you for sharing Rose with us. Love to you, dear heart.

Thank you Corey for that beautiful story. What a wonderful experience for you Rose.

Oh Corey this deeply touched my heart. We all need people to love us and care for us and bring us joy.
This story was so beautiful. Thank God Rose had you for the time she did.
You brought her life again.
Thanks for all you share with us.
Much love

Corey you continue to amaze and delight me - the details you remember, your wonderful tales!
Blessings, lovely friend - and wishes to see you soon!

Old age can truly suck. Thank you.

Oh Corey what a lovely story. You completed Rose’s life. It ended on a high note as she remembered the summer you spent giving her your best. Thank you for sharing.

Omg Corey! That is a beautiful story. I would love to see that played out in a movie. Thank you for sharing. I love your writing.

What a wonderful experience and a wonderful story.

Oh my. I am so moved. I am glad she had that one love. I am glad she had you for a bit. Life is filled with bits.

Corey, what joy you brought to each other. I can just feel that home filled with beauty and light, two beautiful souls and beautiful belongings and memories.

Dear Corey. Thank you for sharing the gifts that you and Rose became to each other. I am wondering what triggered this cherished memory of your friendship together, or are their moments like these that fly into your heart each day? What blessings!

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

After reading Debby's comment about seeing this story played out in a movie, I totally agree. Your story would also make for a wonderful book.

What a beautiful description of Rose's home, and of her, and her life. This brought tears at the end when she died. What a wonderful person, YOU ARE, to have brought her back to life, so to speak, and make her life worth living while you were there together. Loved the way you told this, memories from the past!

Corey - This is a wonderful story. You added so much to Rose's life! Typical you - giving to everyone you meet!

Rose is my favorite name, and I was drawn immediately to the title and to the telling of a remarkable story by the "young girl who wouldn't take no for an answer."

What a precious memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.
But most of all, Thank you for making Roses 3 months so extra special.
You indeed lite up her life.


Your post, these memories.

Rose's memories, treasures, remembered love.

Corey, your kindness and light, the love between each line, takes my breath away.

thank you!

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