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30 July 2021


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What a sweetie!
So glad Chelsea was able to get vaccinated.
Yes, I am with you, "when will this end"
I worry for all the school children going back to school in the fall without vaccinations.

I am glad Chelsea got her vaccine. When will this end is what I ask every single day.
It's a big big worry for us all.
Such a sweet picture of Gabriel kissing the doll.
We wish we could give everyone kisses and hugs and wrap their worlds in love.
Blessings and prayers for us all
Love Jeanne

So many questions we all have about Covid! How nice it is to see photos of Gabriel and talk of normal life with new babies on their way along with the gorgeous photos of doorways, flowers, and other elements of your life.

I think it will end when everyone gets vaccinated. Every unvaxed person can host a possible new variable. I know 2 fully vaccinated people who had breakthrough cases. They were in only in bed a few days, because they had been vaccinated.

Gabriel is just darling. Winslow's mom got the vaccine when she was 7 or 8 months pregnant. The Dr. told her the baby woulddur be as immune to covid as she now is. That was last April. The baby in now nearly 3 months old and is perfect. Here in Massachusetts, there was a surge of the delta variant (in Provincetown, on the Cape.) 800 fully vaccinated people are symptomatic and four of those (fully vaxed) are hospitalized. My family has started wearing masks again when we go out and we are mostly staying home.

Gabriel is just the cutest, sweetest little boy. I bet he will be such a loving and kind big brother. (After he gets over the initial jealousy !!!) I, too, ask myself every day "When will this be over?" I have had to cancel several planned trips because I have a comprised immune system from a pneumonia I had four yers ago. Even traveling within the USA from my Massachusetts home to my Florida home has become problematic. I hope you get to go see your mother and your cousin. Take care. xoxoxo. Ruth Gardner Lamere

Ah, so sweet… I recall when Chelsea me to hand off the apartment keys…. I waited at the stoop worried that “anything could happen” since she was “expecting”… (she was patiently waiting upstairs!) and now, another expectancy… how time races by… (despite all our challenges) xoxo & hugs, d

I know two young pregnant women who were vaccinated around this same time - both are absolutely fine and due soon with the expectation that the baby will share their immunity. The delta variant is rampant in the Bay Area, with many many breakthrough cases. Most have not required hospitalization but we are wearing masks indoors and out and limiting interactions again

Gabriel is sweet fellow, a joy-bringer!

I'm glad Chelsea was able to receive the vaccine.

Have a wonderful weekend, Corey. God bless you and your family 💖

What a gift to see Gabriel being so caring and kind; the world needs more Gabriels!

Mother Nature is reminding us that we need her; until we can stop polluting and refresh her resources, she will protect herself. That is what I believe is the root of this virus.

July 29th was what some call "overshoot" day. Humanity used 74% more than what the planet's ecosystems can regenerate – or '1.7 Earths'. By July 29th humans had used the "budget" for the year of 2021!

How can we reduce this strain on Mother Nature? Gabriel's soul is showing us.

I hope you will be able to visit your family.
Bon week-end à tous,

I agree with Diogenes. So glad Chelsea has gotten her first. Her baby to be will have immunity too. Gabriel is beautiful, Corey. Wearing masks and limiting all unnecessary socializing here too. My daughter is very worried as her six year old is starting school August 15. I’m very concerned too.

Awe Gabriel is precious. Corey in the fall the virus seems to pick up more in the US. What if you get stuck here again? You might not get back for the birth of your new granddaughter. There are so many Americans that refuse to get the vaccine. Your between a rock and a hard place with this decision. I will pray for you.

Whether through hugs or vaccines, true love traverses every generation. Protecting the elderly, the unborn and baby dolls by babies. Acts of love empower!

With so many people here in the U.S. refusing to get vaccinated, even many in the medical field, I'm not sure what I'd do. It's just ridiculous. I think vaccinations should be mandated. Few question getting vaccinated for small pox or polio. Does a disease have to leave many people with some kind of deformity or other life-long affliction if it doesn't kill them in order for people to decide to get vaccinated? I think the private businesses that are requiring vaccinations are the one ray of sunshine. Let's hope things turn around before it is time for you to travel.

I am very grateful Chelsea was able to receive her vaccine!

So many of us fasted, prayed, and did everything in our power to help find a solution to this pandemic. God (I believe), Providence, the Universe, or just Good Intent interceded to inspire scientists! God (and or all the above mentioned) motivated politicians to approve the process to speed through all of the steps required *at the same time* rather than one by one to save time. What's that proverb??? God helps those who help themselves!..and yet there are so many who refuse the answer they prayed for. Here in the U.S.A. we have FREE access to the easiest solution while other countries must wait and wait and wait -and in some, only those who can afford it are able to receive it. We Americans are incredibly blessed! Now we are headed back into quarantines and mandates and those who balk at these public safety rules are the very ones who refuse to receive the vaccine and they are those who are becoming the most seriously ill as the numbers once again rise. Foolish mortals!

Wear your mask properly when in public, wash your hands often, get a vaccine, and yes, continue to pray!

Beautiful photos, I have to say that after following this situation very closely for sometime it is important to note that the shots are experimental and not without side effects. Iceland has almost 100% of the population shot up and are experiencing a outbreak. Israel the Same, the magority of cases are those who have been vaccinated. Dr. Geehrte vander Bossche previously at WHO and GAVI has said that vaccines during a pandemic is completely the wrong path as it forces mutation. The response has prolonged this misery and the shots are increasing the rate of evolutionary changes. I have personally seen the negative side effects of these shots which include miscarriage. There is no one size fits all medical response and health histories and allergies need to be taken into account when delivering ANY medical product. My daughter is one who cannot take this mRNA jab and there are many others who will be permanently disabled from them. Personal choice above all else.

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