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10 August 2021


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oh i say ask ALWAYS ASK...the essence of people --the attraction of likeness or desire to imitate or emulate to learn to understand TO GROW IN SOMETHING GOOD AND PURE ALWAYS ASK!!


This is lovely, thank you for sharing it!


Love this, have sent to friends...
Yes, always mention how hair looks, it will start the conversation...then a deep dive to what you really want to know.

Susan in Zurich

Beautiful! I love it, thanks for sharing ❣️


Tks ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 xxx


So very lovely and thank you for sharing.
Much love

Elizabeth Schaeffer

Thank you Alidon. I too have experienced seeing such a person as you describe.
And yes I usually end up just saying some compliment. Truly intriguing people.

Melissa Cooney

Oh, that was so lovely. I can remember meeting a woman on a tour in Poland a few years ago. She was this woman…how she carried herself, how she interacted with others, how I wanted to be like her when I reached her age (88), traveling alone with confidence, curious, elegant and ethereal yet so fun and approachable. And seemingly with all the answers. I think of her so often when I don’t think I can do something. And I move forward.


Perfection, and thanks.


Alison, the poet that wrote this lives in Oakland. I have heard her, on Zoom, read this poem. It is always such a treat. She writes interesting poems. This one has always been my favorite.

Teddee Grace

I love this! I'll have to do a little research on Ms. Luterman.


Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t comment on my hair. I am going to pretend this poem is really the words being spoken. ❤️ I know I think all this when I think of you.


But I want to ask!
What brings you joy?
What brings you serenity?
What brings that smile on your face?

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