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05 August 2021


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First thing to mind is Marguerite. An elegant name for a little French girl.

Maybe a baby Natalie?

Lily and congratulations on the little girl arriving soon.
God bless you all

Madeline! All the best to you and your beautiful family!



I can't resist your guessing games. Is the pink heart a clue?

My initial question, hope, and prayer upon learning of a pregnancy is always, always...... Please dear God, let this baby AND mama continue to be healthy. Nothing beyond that truly matters.

Leonine, Mimosa,Natala, Olivine, Philomine, though Pastis would be a hoot. Pati for short!

Oh dear, my guess is also Leonine. I love that name.

Do think your Moms name. Best wishes,



Blessings that all goes well for this growing family and God's grace surrounds Chelsea and her baby - My thought for this child's name that is not on the current most popular list is Monique

Micheline is my guess.

Lea ❤️

Monique? Madeline? Lillibet?

Paloma, which means “dove; a symbol of peace”.



in Erinnerung an Bruder Marty
Greetings from Germany

Whatever her name is it will suit her. But I
guess Madeline.❤️

Olivia is my guess. Greetings from the Netherlands



Bonjour ! I think Nathalie :)
Felicitations !

Love the name Madeleine



I think Noemie, winsome, pleasant.
I don't know how to put the
acute accent symbol above the "e" from my keyboard!

Or Madeline, my grangdaughter's name.

Madeleine. If I had a girl I would have named her Magdalen after my beloved grandmother, so to suggest "Madeleine" was my first gut thought for Gabriel's sister. 💕


Marguerite, my grandmother's name.



Martha, for Marty.


My first guess, Natalie ❤️
I hope all goes well with the pregnancy and delivery.

Naomi, Melinda, Oksana, Priscilla, Lydia

Naomi or Madeline? She will be a beautiful baby!!!

Linnea, from the children's book? Patricia? Olivia? I think Gabriel and Olivia sound nice together! Good health to mother and baby!

Penelope! My first granddaughter is named Penelope and it was not one of my favorites. My Penelope will be 9 years old this year and of course I love it now!
Thank you for your wonderful blog. I love reading it!

All girls names sound so lovely in French. I venture to guess Natalie as did many before me. Are we on the right wavelength? Many blessings to you and your growing family.

Natalie or Louisa

Natalia. I cannot wait to see how beautiful she will be!!

Noémie or Pénélope (one of my daughter's favourite books!).


Nicolette or Micaela

Liliane or Madeline

Olivia is my guess. So happy a little girl is joining the family. Having had 2 myself, I’m partial to girls ♥️

Liana. Mélanie. Marielle. Nathalie. Olivia. Patrina. And although it doesn't being with L-P, nor does it have three syllables, I admire the French name Sandrine.


Lisette Madeline Nathalie Olivia Patrice
Sorry to be late💖🌸

My guess is also Ophélie or Ophelia.

Madeline or Marjolet or Marjo (not 3 syllables ) I know a Marisa and a Maris
Nicolette Nicoletta
Paloma or Penelope


Or Naomie

Lillian is my choice, but I also think they might want to honor your mother or brother.

Like a chime in my mind

I'm leaning towards Marguerite or Madeleine. However - what is your mothers first and middle name and what is your middle name - possibilities?

What lovely news. Many blessings. I will guess Patricia, a gentle and old-fashion name.

Everyone does love to enter your guessing games!!
I choose Lillian.. my first granddaughter’s name.

I think she will be Madeline or Martine

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