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14 September 2021


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The longer I keep something, the harder it is to part with it. I have lots of personal “treasures “, but the reality is that when I pack my evacuation bags each year in preparation for fire season (in the foothills of Northern California), it’s 99% practical items like important papers, prescription meds and a change of clothes. Maybe I’m not as sentimental as I think?

Definitely a man thing. 🤣

I can both let things go and want to hold them dear. I like treasures that have an association from distant places I have travelled to and textiles as I love the creative aspect of them and how someone has gone to such trouble to create something, but I can happily give things away if someone else needs them or if it is a good cause...a bit of both. As for Yann and finding things - my husband has the same syndrome...it is a bloke thing! Cheers Jennie

I hold on to things of great sentiment always.
My place is too small for too many things so I must be very careful
Much love
Love your postings always.
I love you

Years ago I set up the Christmas tree by myself with lights, some of them blinking, in the living room. My husband came in and sat on the couch for about an hour before I finally asked "How do you like the tree?" He said, "What tree?" He hadn't noticed it.

I couldn't part, or wouldn't want to part, with many things. I sometimes even feel sentimental about items, marked with someone's name in real ink on old white adhesive tape, that I have found abandoned to a thrift shop. How sad that someone felt such a strong attachment to something, a cup and saucer, a candy dish, that they wanted to make certain it found its way to a special person and now that person has perhaps died or simply donated it. Me to the rescue!

Family heirlooms are important to me. Everything else not so much. That said, I do like a comfortable aesthetic in my home and enjoy being surrounded by art inside and wonderful trees and gardens outside.

Definitely like you!!! But my man is like Yann!!! Especially with paper, can't find a letter he just had in his hand, put it down somewhere in his office - I have to come and find it!

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