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10 September 2021


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I believe it is a type of chrysanthemum... very pretty indeed!

Interesting! I looked up chrys and see it might be in the spoon or quill category of that plant. Exotic!, Where was it?

I don't know, but I love that flower.

Yes - I thought it might be a type of chrysanthemum too - although it looks more like something exotic you would see underwater! Nature is stunning!

I think chrysanthemums. They have an incurved subspecies that may be where to look.

It also could be unspecified or exotic.

Harriet :) :)

I agree with the rest. The tubular petals make it seem like a form of chrysanthemum. The green tips of the petals are stunning.

I believe it is a Dahlia.

It could be a spoonflower, a type of African daisy. I have some similar that are purple. Your white one is very beautiful!

My first thought was Dahlia.
It is really lovely.
I'm all for naming it Harriet, like Tara suggested :)

My thoughts are a type of Dahlia. Many have apps on their phone for flowers take a pic and it will identify it.
It's beautiful no matter what it is.
Thanks for sharing.
Much love

Passion flower. Exotic. Only green house or summer exposure in France.

I have an app called " plant net". You open the app, take a photo, click whether it is a leaf or flower and it will give you an answer.

It’s a Passion flower here in the US. Beautiful, blossums in the evening, and can be poisonous.

It looks like it may be a type of Passion flower. There’s a free app called PictureThis, that should be able to identify it for you! It’s beautiful!

Hi Corey,
Our plant identifier couldn't find it but I believe it is a Spider Mum. I looked up images of Chrysanthemums and found one that looked just like yours.

I googled spoonflower African daisy and it certainly looks the photos.

Have always referred to it as a Spider Mum.

I believe it is a dahlia.

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