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20 September 2021


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Julie Ann, my doll from my grandmother Ella who now sits in the playroom of our granddaughter Ella. Thanks for a question, which brought a smile to my face.
A quick question for you, what would you have done with the umbrella?
Bonne journée à tous :)

My father sent me a doll sized fine china tea set from Japan around 1950.Most pieces have survived and live in my china cabinet, occasionally used for a little tea party with grandchild...thimble sized cups of mint or lavender tea.

My Mother bought my Sister and I exquisite toys always.
We had a dream doll house with a door bell that rang, gorgeous dolls, I love my stuffed animals
We loved our Barbie dolls and all the clothes and books always wonderful books

A bear I named Tadpole. On Christmas Eve each year I took Tadpole to bed with me as I did every night and when I woke up on Christmas Day there was a brand new Tadpole in bed with me, exactly like the old one. This went on for 18 years. On my high school graduation, I opened a box from my folks with all the old Tadpoles inside.

I grew up in a very rural and backward part of the Midwest. My Dad and his family were bigoted. My mother and her family were not. When I was six my mother took me to the closest town with a large "five and dime" and told me I could have anything in the toy department I wanted. There was a huge bin of rubber "wetty dolls." They were all insipid and pink in my eyes except for one that was brown. I had to have the one that was different. My mother bought it for me and we took it home and my father's first comment was, "Why did let her have that one?" My mother told him she had told me I could have anything I wanted and that was what I wanted. That was the end of that conversation and that doll with her bottle that could be filled with water and tiny diaper was my very favorite doll for many years. Long after I was an adult working in Chicago my mother called me long distance to tell me that the daughter of a cousin who was visiting wanted the doll. I told her that would be fine, but she asked me if I was sure. I still agreed, but my mother was right. I've always regretted that I gave that doll away.

All such lovely stories! I had dolls but preferrred other toys. Very favorite was a Creepy Crawlers kit. I treasure the one toy my Dad kept from his childhood, FoxyLoxy. A fox that has a mechanism where you can move the head and tail. Think it might be Steifff, but the sentimentality is more valuable. Friends know that if there is a house fire and we are away, that FoxyLoxy is the one thing to rescue if they can.

I clicked on this post not knowing what to expect and absolutely loved it! My favorite toy as a child was a stuffed dog named Frenchie. Predicting hopeless francophilia later on...

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