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15 September 2021


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My sister always says half joking and half looking for reassurance i think,.... EVERYTHING IS STOCK-meaning it will or can be sold - we do not sell ....yet- there are a few objects for sentiment i would cherish ....but it is true-if i needed to sell it i would...because i could

Beautiful words and thoughts.

And you are one who is very gifted with design.


very motivating and inspiring, thank you for the share!

I agree with all he said, it is very true to live in a place you love and reveals who you are! Also that it can be your sanctuary.

What a lovely video. Thank you for sharing it.

I didn't know you liked Axel Vervoordt. I do too!!

And designer Jean-Louis Deniot.

Thank you for sharing Corey, I too have always admired his style. I asked for one of his books as a Christmas present once. His home (castle) looks amazing. I love the light and the colours.

I had just recently found this piece on Axel Vervoordt and so it is nice to know you have seen it also. I have several books of his work, understated but also full of texture and layers, as I imagine your homes are. Oh to have a visit to his homes in person! Cheers Jennie in NZ

I love a home that is full of things, beautiful and interesting things. Meanwhile back in the back of my mind, something keeps saying, "Who is dusting all this?" So I hired a cleaning service.

Living with beautiful things. I can relate fully with this. Thank you for sharing the AV video.

Wow! I love his philosophy of mixing old and new. His home is so beautiful. As I watched the video, each room had a different feel. I love that. Thanks for sharing. This is very inspirational.

So beautiful. I will watch it over and over. I pause when I want to stare at one of his lovely "objet De art". Now I understand why I collect items from nature, so humble, so perfect.

Corey and followers; I found this video online a while back. Mr. Surendra is truly talented and a lover of living with art as is Mr. Vervoordt

I think you will like it.

If the video won't pull up just type in Rajiv Surendra in your browser. it's worthwhile.

Amazing! Now I want to know more about him.
Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

I am wondering if I know this
Barbara. We went to his work place and another time visited his home.

I've loved Axel Vervoordt ever since I saw the home he designed for Katia and Marielle Labeèque over 20 years ago. I had to find out more about him when I saw it. I have visited -- made pilgrimages to-- Kanaal. It is stunning. So beautifully curated. Well worth a visit.

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