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05 September 2021


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Golly, they were hiding their lights under a drab bushel! Cheers Jennie NZ

I don't know - the 70s are back in LA and I see store windows festooned with high waist jeans and prairie look dresses. Window pane jeans, big platform shoes. I guess if you're in your 20s or 30s it's all new, but I was there and they weren't that great the first time around! Don't get me wrong, the early 70s holdover styles from the 60s were still pretty good, the glam and the Mod. Before the "granny" look set in.

Driving around with a friend my age recently and he said "don't these girls know these super high waist jeans are unflattering?"

But let's overlook all that stuff, that conversation was cra-cra. And they naively thought no one else spoke English.

Too funny!
Can’t judge a book by its cover...

Ha ha, the things you over hear, maybe judging by their fashion style & looks are the only way they can get sex. My Dad used to say that ugly women must have been good in bed 🤔
Not that he ever said it to me....Mum told me!
He was a gentle man & never said anything out of place to us.....not so my Mum! 😹😹

You just ne
ver know.


Were they pros? Only in Paris I guess.


Probably not the best time to be singing ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi’

They probably thought no one there understands English. When I'm in a foreign country, I ALWAYS assume that at least some folks do, so I mind my tongue.

And speaking of Lawrence Welk, I recently heard that he didn't understand what "One Toke Over the Line" meant and had someone perform the song on his show.

I used to hate that show, thinking it was the most dowdy of all programs ever! But lately when I chance upon it, I find it quite entertaining.


Hahahahahaha! Glad you didn't blurt out something. When I hear of people like this I feel so sheltered or something. I was watching youtube the other night of a guy who interviews people who work the streets or live in appalachians when he started interviewing nudists who live in a gated community. One woman sitting there nude telling about their parties with several people at a time and her conquests. My jaw dropped.

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