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15 October 2021


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Oct 23rd, Monique, 9lb 10 oz, no hair

October 17
Lilliana (though I do like the previous person’s suggestion of Monique/Monica)
10.5 lbs
A tiny wisp of hair

My guess is that Chelsea had the baby yesterday (or at least wishes she had!), but you're just toying with us. 😉
Name: Louise. Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz. Yes, hair.

Marguerite, October 27, faintest of peach fuzz, 10 pounds 3 ounces. And she’s happy and healthy - and that’s all that really matters!

October 24, 2021; Marguerite; 10 lbs, 3 oz.; tiny bit of hair. Good luck!

October 31, Olivia, no hair, 9 pounds of delight.

Madeline, 9 lbs 9 oz, small amount of hair.

Oops, left out the date! October 17 !!

Oct 24, Olivia, 8 lbs 9oz, wisp of hair

Since that is my birthday I would like to say Oct 25 but I think the 23rd. Natalie. 10 pounds 2 oz, definitely hair

10/23, Olivia, 9lbs,6oz., no hair

October 28th (would be my Mum's birthday), Lillibet, 10lbs 1oz, a smattering of lovely dark hair! Jennie NZ

10/22, Lillibet, 9 lbs 2 oz, one big curl on top (like a kewpie doll:) Thinking of you Chelsea...

October 27, Leonie, 8 pounds7 ounces, a wee bit of hair

October 24th, 9 pounds Lily, and a wisp of hair.
Good luck and many blessings

10/26, no hair, 7lbs. 1 oz, Mary

No hair
9pd. 13oz.
Prayers for mom and baby!....and grandmere:)

Mignon or Lisette
9 lbs 2 oz
26 October
a reddish fuzz of hair
Hurry, Baby! We can hardly wait to meet you!

October 28
10lbs. 2 oz.
No hair

When you first announced the pregnancy, October 25th came to mind but then I wrote it off as being a significant date to me.

October 28
9 lbs 3 oz
Peach fuzz hair on dark side
Gorgeous without a doubt

Lisette born Oct 23 9lbs12 oz with a wee bit of hair. We’ll see very soon!🧸

Oh, such a tease. Madeline, 22 October, 9 lbs, 3 oz. and a smidgen of hair. And good luck Chelsea for a speedy delivery.

How fun!
10/23, 9.8, no hair for Natalia 😍

My birthday 10/29, 9# 14oz, hair and Natalie!

October 27
9 lbs 2oz

October 23
8 lbs 15 oz
Peach fuzz

October 24
7 lbs.9oz

October 30, Nathalie, 8'15oz, no hair. Happy and healthy blessed birth!

Congrats to all of you! Oct 23, 8lbs, curls, Noelle

Oct.17, Lizette, 9lbs.7ozs., hair. Blessings to all!

October 31st.
brown hair
Madeline or Olivia
Prayers for a safe delivery
Gabriel - I know - will be the best big brother and Mommy's little helper.

October 23

peach fuzz

9 lbs 8 oz


Prayers for safe delivery and health of Mama and Baby!
I can't wait to see her! I love watching big brother Gabriel! He will love his little sister!

October 26, 2021
9.7 lbs



8 lbs 7 oz


Sending Positive thoughts for a wonderful delivery !

October 27
8lb 9oz
Lillian or Lil

Lourdes, October 26th, lots of dark hair. Best wishes for a lovely birth-day experience.

Nicolette or Louisa
Oct 31
Full head of dark glorious hair


26 October
8.75 pounds

Good luck to your family and Chelsea :)

Oct 27 (my birthday), 9 lbs 4 oz,(my firstborns weight), Martine (you know why), no hair (my first had no hair). Fun!

oct 25th
No hair

21st October
9 lbs
no hair

Prayers for a good week, safe delivery.

God bless you, Chelsea, and the babe on the way - the whole family!

October 21
No hair
9 lb. 3 oz

Hi Corey, I had to play the game!
Penelope Santis will be born on Oct 24th weighing 8lbs 7oz with a glorious mane.
Blessing and so much joy coming to you all soon! xo Gina

So funny I did not read any comments before and there was someone else with the same name & date!!!

8 lb 7 oz

October 16

no hair


October 22, Lilou or Nicolette, 9lb 9oz, a bit of hair. Happy pushing to Chelsea!

Oct 25th
9 lbs
no hair

Oct 22, Natalie arrives with no hair weighing in at 9lbs 9oz. healthy and beautiful as ever.

November 1st - beautiful dark hair - 9 lbs 2 oz and will grow up to be just like her grandmother.

I saw the red roses!!! Looks like two people guessed October 21st. So the next question is: will it be Michele or Madeleine?

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