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23 October 2021


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So beautiful!!!
One of life's greatest joys is the feeling of your baby's cheek against yours.

OMG!!!! Beyond gorgeous! And is it possible she already looks like Chelsea? You all have reason to be ecstatic...a perfectly healthy, gorgeous new family member. Congratulations!





awww, she's beautiful


Hello, little visitor from Eternity. You look so peaceful, serene, innocent, and wise.
May many blessings light your way through this life.

Bundle of joy 🤩❤️‍🔥

Beautiful baby Chelsea look-a-like. Xoxoxox

Such a beautiful precious child. Congratulations and much love to you all.

This beautiful little person is beyond adorable. God Bless.

What a gorgeous girl...she does seem to have a strong resemblance to Chelsea....but early days for her wee face to take shape. I look forward to seeing how she grows and changes.....Jennifer, NZ

(PS: For some reason I could not see the photo in your blog post or above, only when I clicked on the link above the message did I go to the photo, which has not happened before..the link looked like this on my screen: xoxo....but I got to the photo in the end, so hopefully it is a one-off blip...)

Olivia —- God’s artistry —— yet again!! Blessings upon all of you!

What a beautiful addition to an already beautiful family.

Welcome Olivia!! What a sweet baby, and lovely name.


Welcome sweet baby💜

Olivia is just beautiful !!! Sending so much love to your whole family. Enjoy your sweet baby girl.

So absolutely adorable! God Bless your family.

Olívia in Portuguese.

The cutest most adorable thing ever.

I swear she has Chelsea’s almond eye shape. Already!

So Beautiful and Blessed !!!!!!!!

She is a beauty. So sweet.

ONE OF EACH.......................XXX

Welcome, wonderful Olivia. You are so loved!

Another little love bean to fill your heart. She is a lucky little lady.


So happy for you all.

Dear Corey,
She is beginning to see,
feeling the light, warmth?
Has Olivia felt the warmth of
the sunlight yet?
God’s blessings on all of you.
Jacque Lynn

I don't know how I missed this. Getting my fall decor in place I guess. Olivia is just gorgeous. How lucky you all are.

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