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21 October 2021


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What a happy day, congratulations! Such sweet pictures

Love love ❤️

Oh Corey!!!

Happy Happy! Can’t wait to see her.

Love at first sight....Cheri H.

So very precious!


Woo-hoo!!!!! Name?

A big brother was born that day as well! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL! xoox


Congratulations! Can't wait to see her.
(But she came home today, yes? Born at least a day ago?)

Congratulations! I just happened to see the announcement on IG stories. Can’t wait to see and hear the details!

Such a fun day for you all! Happy Birthday little guy!

Your pictures tell a beautiful story of love and family. So happy for you all. Much love from our house to yours!

Congratulations to you all !!!

Oh my goodness. Chelsea is my hero. She is home on the same day??? What is with these girls across the pond?? Glad she is feeling well....amazing!!! Welcome dear bebe!!!

I am just over the moon for you! Welcome to the world, little one!!

Congratulations! Chelsea looks great. "Someone" LOLOL. We want to know the name. ;-)

Congratulations!!! Very happy for you all!

Congrats to all ! What wonderful photos ! I’ve not seen Gabriel have such a great big smile! He is going to be the BEST big brother ! So glad you could capture this Moment for your family, and sharing with us ! Marsha Fulp

Wonderful news!
Wait, she's home? Wow!
Cute photos.

Fabulous! I think that Leonie is the name for the petite....

Quel bonheur 💕💕que de la joie de la santé et plein d’amour pour vous tous 🌟☺️💕 💕

Congratulations to Chelsea and all the family -she looks so happy - what beautiful moments you've captured, Corey. Lots of love to you all.

Blessings and love to the new addition!!! Love to all Corey!

How exciting for you all and so nice to see everyone happy and safe and a radiant mother and babe tucked up safely....well done and congratulations to you all! Jennie in NZ

How exciting. Congratulations. The last picture is my fav🥰

Congratulations ! Chelsea looks fantastic, her préparation d'accouchement has been wonderful I think. Love to you all.x

Congratulations to you all
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne


OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️Congratulations, can’t wait for details. God bless everyone!!!

Absolutely fantastic, congratulations!

Oh Happy Day!!! Look at those smiles. Congratulations to all!❤️

So beautiful, Corey. I am amazed at how much older Gabriel looks from the photos you posted from just yesterday.

Oh how wonderful. Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to everone! Such happiness in these photos!

Congratulations!! What a wonderful blessings. Everyone looks absolutely thrilled.

What joy! Thank you for sharing your happiness. Congratulations.

)h the delight for everyone. So, so happy and what joy.

So much love and joy in your photographs! ❤️

What a wonderful series of pictures! Love, love, love them. Bringing joy into the world. Please extend my best and warmest wishes to the lovely little family.

Wonderful news! Chelsea looks great! Beautiful photos. Waiting for name,and details. Special congratulations to big brother Gabriel.

Congratulations Sweet Family!
Such tender, exciting, loving moments expressed in your photos!
Continued prayers for blessings on the momma and newborn
And of course papa and lil brother. And you and Yann!!
May happiness love and health abound.
xxoo jody

So happy for everyone! Congratulations! 💃

Congratulations! Beautiful, so-full-of-happiness pictures!

Precious! Congratulations to all of you!!!

Congratulations to everyone! So happy for you all. Chelsea looks fantastic!

So wonderful that you were able to capture the pure joy in Gabriel's greeting his new sibling! Simply glorious!

What wonderful news for a wonderful family. Such joy on Gabriel’s face!

These pictures say it all! Such happy news!♥️♥️♥️

Congratulations to you, Grandmother again, and to the happy family🥰🥰🥰🥰

Beautiful photos; so thrilled for you all.

Arohanui to all.

Fantastic......everyone looks WONDERFUL !!!!!! Congrats to all of you ❤❤❤

Congratulations to you all - such a blessing!

I have been looking for joyous pieces of life each day and this post won hands down.To see the joy in everyone's faces brings joy to my heart. Congrats to all!

The joy, enthusiasm and love on Gabriel’s face is a sight to behold. A heartfelt congratulations to Chelsea and Martin on the birth of their healthy baby and for bringing such joy to Gabriel, you, my friend, Yann, Sacha, your mom and your entire family. This wonderful news has made my day. Sending lots of love to all. Your Jilly. . ❤️

Oh my goodness, the sheer joy on Gabriels precious face brought me to tears.



And suddenly Gabriel is a Big Boy.

Such happy photos! Such happy times to come.

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