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25 October 2021


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Beautiful...just Beautiful!!!

WOW!! That is amazing and wonderful.

She is amazing, and the babe is spectacular. Happy to hear that everyone is doing well.

Perfection !

By the way, "Gaga" is what my grandchildren have always called me...took me a while to get over Lady Gaga using the name without my permission, lol....

What a precious little angel. I'm so glad everyone is doing well.

What a tremendous gift! Congratulations to all! I bet Gabriel is over the moon with his sweet beautiful new sister!

Unbelievable! Both the gorgeous bebe and Chelsea's birth story! She immediately carries both Mr. Espresso and her eyes already!

Another treasure to adore - congratulations to you all.

You're going to post brocante?

I want to change my guess to Olivia, October 21, 8 pounds, some hair. And adorable. :-)

Sooo beautiful!

Wow! Amazing experience for Chelsea, and little Olivia. Delighted to read everything went so well.
Here's hoping for sleep and rest for all.

She is beautiful, Grandma!

After all the traumas and stress and sadness of the last year it is lovely for you to have a truly happy event and such a gorgeous wee girl to adore! Cheers from NZ Jennie

Perfect little girl. I see Chelsea in the first photo!

What a beauty she is and a lovely name. She will have you all wrapped around her little finger already.

Loads of love X.

Beautiful children and blessings.
God bless you all real good
Love Jeanne

So beautifully perfect! ❤️‍🔥🥰😍😘

🥰 She is so beautiful; God bless her! ❤️ Happy to hear about the wonderful natural birth. That’s the way it should be. That’s how I had my three (minus the water pool) over thirty years ago but now it seems women are regressing to how it was in the “olden days” with drugs. May you all be blessed by the joy this little angel has brought to your family!

The miracle of it all. So very happy for all of you. Can’t wait for Uncle Sacha to arrive.

She is such a beautiful baby girl! So happy for you all , and how amazing to give birth and be back home in a few hours. Wow! The bonnet/hat Olivia is wearing looks very pretty and unique.

Olivia is beautiful!
Chelsea is amazing.
So many blessings.
Sending love.

Those eyes! A beautiful baby.


Olivia is beautiful! I wondered how Chelsea and the baby were home the same day. In hospital I think the stay is at least overnight. Congrats to Chelsea and Mr Espresso and Gabriel and Olivia!!!

Congratulations to you all. What a blessing to have a quick and easy birth and a gorgeous healthy baby ! Such beautiful names Corey. My first granddaughter is Olivia and my first grandson is Gabriel !, excellent choice ! Much love Cookie Melbourne xxxxxx

Congratulations to Chelsea and Martin! What a gorgeous baby girl, and what lovely back and white photos of her. That little vintage baby cap is just perfect. I am so happy for you all. A new baby is just utter joy.

Joli petit ange Olivia, que du bonheur - et shiploads of Love 🌟💝de tout cœur 🌟 Tina 😀

Now you can have all the fun of getting little girl clothes for Olivia! That's a big thrill, so exciting. Especially in France the clothes for babies are awesome. That bonnet is lovely, did someone make it for her? It seems like something handmade by a friend. Just precious. And what a beautiful girl she is!

beautiful, precious bundle. So darn happy for you all. xo

Little beauty. Many blessings to all.

I am so happy for you and your family. Sacha’s photography is amazing, and your granddaughter is beautiful!

Enjoy being "gaga". How precious.

Beautiful baby, and I, too, love her name.

Very sweet and adorable! Happy days! My niece’s name also.

She is precious and perfectly beautiful ...
Her amazing arrival is both the most wonderful finale to a difficult year and an incredibly happy beginning!
Huge love to you all ... enjoy!

Oh my goodness, I missed this post. I am a bad blogger as of late.
Congratulations to Chelsea & everyone! She's beautiful, Corey!!

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