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08 November 2021


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Corey your flower pics are beautiful, to quit posting those on FB now that is a hard decision to make! FB needs all the beauty it can get! I would keep up with the flowers, although I don't see them except when you post them on here!

That poppy picture is great. Did you use a filter to make it look so painterly?

One hand holding another’s.

Corey, what about posting an item a day from the many things that you have acquired over the years at a brocante. Big or small it would be great to see the the many things which caught your eye and had to come home with you.

I love your floral posts, they bring color, life, to the viewer.

And anyone who knows you, understands that they are posted with love.

A new theme? Flowers have so many varieties, shapes, textures, settings. It'd be tough to match them for endless possibilities.

Of course, I would be a big fan of cups of coffee or tea 😍

A new theme? How about food -- fresh fruits and vegetables in season, baked goods including breads and desserts, as well as dishes that you (or others) have made?

As a vegetarian, I would request no dead (or soon-to-be-dead) animals, however.

Flowers are food for our souls. I have enjoyed each flower posting so very much, as I enjoy
all of your postings.
Much love always

How about “a smile a day” Yours, Yann’s, family , friends, strangers, vendors at the brocantes (we never see them), people from your travels, neighbors, babies 😉, the people u share your life with or don’t. No explanations or storylines if you don’t want, let the viewer paint their own story. Smiles are contagious and they warm the heart!

Have loved all your flower postings. Whatever you decide on, I am sure it will be beautifully photographed. Food is always a good subject, shoes, book covers, leaves…

Things that gladden the heart. Or whatever you decide as your pictures are always delightful.

Hope or Love.

I would love to see photos of French home and store interiors

How about something like, “This makes my heart sing.” It’s a theme broad enough to include, well, whatever makes your heart sing.
Whatever speaks to you, I have a very strong feeling, would speak to and lift me too. Thanks, friend. 💕

I have loved the flowers. Keep on keeping on!


Thank you for all of your gorgeous photos. Could hands be another positive theme? Whether young, old, rough smooth, hands create, work, comfort, pray.... I think they tell a story.

I love Sandy’s suggestion—people smiling and laughing. I have missed them most of all during this pandemic.

How about a look at each day's sky?

I’m not on FB, but I love your flowers when you post here. For a broader theme, maybe nature or the city (or cities) these could encompass people, sunsets, clouds, fountains, facades and plants and flowers!

Love this idea!

(Love this idea was in response to Kathie B’s suggestion about the sky!)

I love your flowers on Facebook.
I have posted "from my garden" for about 6 years on FB. It was a challenge that I thought I would do for 1 year, but no one wants me to quit. Winter is really the hardest because I don't have many flowers in winter. They are always current from the garden pictures, so I am often out side early in the morning in my robe and slippers.

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