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19 November 2021


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Just too precious for words. Are those clothes old or new. So unique. A beautiful grandmother and baby girl.

Beautiful precious child.
Bliss is what is written on your face.
Lucky and blessed
Love Jeanne

Be. Still. My. Heart!—-You two —precious and adorable!! What delicious joy you must be having!

Adorable of both of you. I see you have her dressed in old lace already. Good job, Grama.

I love the delight on your face, Corey. Sweet, precious baby Olivia. You two warm my heart.

Ooooooooh Corey!

She has really long fingers......future concert pianist?

What a lovely duo...and I dig that baby bonnet...Cheers Jennie, NZ

She looks like a doll. Cute outfit too.

Gorgeous doll-baby!

Comme elles sont belles,grand'mere et petite fille.

Adorable, sweet, Gods Love. Blessings

Thank you for this little ray of sunshine. Adorable! (both of you)

Little doll!!❤️

What a sweet baby! Enjoy every moment with Olivia and Gabriel

And those beautiful fingers!

Love seeing the complete joy in your face.


Yes, a real live ADORABLE baby who appears to have you in an enchanted state of bliss!

I just love these pictures!

Pure joy emanates from this photo. Brings joy to my own heart to see it. xoxo

What a doll baby she is. Wonderful picture.

What an adorable little bundle!

What perfection!!!

Precious! What a sweetie!

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