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26 November 2021


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God bless you my darling friend. I love you and hope your blessings are bountiful each and every day
Much love

SOME OF THESE ACTION ITEMS ARE SO VERY WISE AND INSIGHTFUL corey i am so amazed at your insight at such a young age-- i admire it-- it is true and some i want to implement in my life now...i never did stuff like this. I am not saying i was unaware of the world or environment - we joke and say my mom was the first hippie- she was artsy and quiet but very very mindful of the world and waste -some of it out of necessity at times but at her core an environmentalist-and she modeled well for her children. I have gotten out of the habit of every time i turn on the water, i offer a prayer of thanksgiving that clean safe water comes to me-- i am not walking miles to get it. i hate plastic and when i see my recycle bin i get sick- i also have worn vintage, not for everything but A LOT. i am not a clothes person, i like what i like, and still wear stuff i wore in highschool sweaters and shirts my mom's cashmere sweater sets. I TOTALLY got when someone stole yann's raincoat-like losing an old friend. i am going to put this list of yours in my book of great thoughts and see what i can do to make some of these great things a part of my daily routine. SUCH An inspiring thought provoking POST and the presentation is just divine-- A BULLET POINT ACTION PLAN A JUMP ON RESOLUTIONS WHICH I DO NOT DO A CHALLENGE TO CHANGE EVEN A LENTEN JOURNEY -this is so good! THANK YOU!!

I know I don't do some of these once upon a times, but I do try to add to my list of do's. Plant food only and not buying new clothes are on my mind lately. A little at a time we can make this world a better place.

Thank you so much Corey! The good thing is, now a days the once upon a times are just a way to sustain our planet and our lives. Those of us doing these things got through Covid and the pandemic a wee bit easier. Blessings

Chère Corey,

Salut de Nice, which welcomed me back after a few weeks in the US where the constant consumption continues to run rampant. Your post for today could not be more insightful and the link to repurpose gives brilliant gift ideas for the holiday season.

What more can we do for others -- you shared your excellent examples with we your readers/fans -- than to insure our loved ones of a less polluted world.

Thank you cher Corey, and thank your Mother for being a parent, you're a gift to all!

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