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25 November 2021


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A most happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family Corey. I am also thankful for so very much. It was a rocky road last year. Your blog and sharing made it so much more tolerable for me. It lifted my spirits, gave me hope, beautiful flowers for the eye and sweet stories to warm my heart. Thank you Corey. Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all
Blessings and much love

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”
~MFK Fisher

God bless you all real good
Love Jeanne

For the food before us, the ones beside us and the love between us
thank you God for all of your blessings

Happy Thanksgiving Corey, to you and all your family.
You are surrounded with so much love.


Lovely post! Who will carry on the tradition of biting off the cookie heads? Wishing you a joyous stay in your home!

And I am thankful for your many years of faithful daily blogging, sharing your life with us as it unfolds, and as you choose to share.
I saw the photo on facebook and thought to myself, “She didn’t take that photo in France, her mother must have made that cookie!” Fun to come here and discover that she did.

Enjoy the time in Willows, you whose heart is spread out so far across oceans.

With love and the warmest of wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, memories and hope for the future.

I'm glad you're doing okay, Corey, and that you're back with your mom and Sacha for a visit, and that you think Yann is the kindest man in the world, and that you have two grandchildren to love. That's a lot to be thankful for. -Kate

Have a lovely Thanksgiving! My son just texted that his plane has landed and soon we'll leave to pick him up at the airporter bus. A pumpkin pie is almost done baking in the oven. Time to enjoy family and holiday treats!

I just knew those cookies were going to be a difficult thing to navigate. I'm sorry you have to go through this. But I am happy you are with Sacha and his gal, and the rest of the family. xo

So excited for you and your family to be Together this Thanksgiving♥️

Sending love to you, Corey.

The message of this post brings a smile, a prayer of thanks, and a sigh. It's a blessing to have loved ones on different continents. But the difficulty is ... we're always missing someone.

This morning, I am holding on to hope. Remembering different Thanksgiving tables when we were all together. Being grateful.

Thanks for blogging, truly. For your example of authenticity. It's a blessing ❤️

Thanksgiving: a time to reflect,remember,and to give thanks for past and present...as well as a time to feast, and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.50 years living outside USA,I still miss Thanksgiving Day.

So lovely to hear that you are home with your family and able to see Sacha and be amongst your people for such a special time of your year. So many things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing so many aspects of your life with us all. Jennie, NZ

So glad you come from and also have such wonderful families. Your heart is mending but there will always be a little crack in it for the light of your dad, Marty and your cousin to come visit. Have a wonderful time in CA. Jennie SF

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I believe this past year has changed us all. How we see things. How we sort things out. How we make decisions. How we ask questions. How we love ourselves and others. How we cherish each moment. How we find joy. How we process loss and grief. I am grateful for all these things. Here's to peace and loving-kindness for us all.

What a great memory you have of your brother. I think it might be the pleasure of one of Marty's children to take up the tradition and continue the beheading of the Thanksgiving turkey cookies.
Sending you Harvest wishes(since this is the day after Thanksgiving) and much love to you and your family.

And you make life better for everyone.

Thinking of Marty and Julie and others not here with us physically. And am grateful for what I have.

And thank you! xo

Thank you for your thoughts and insights on a regular bases, then making our worlds a bit more beautiful with your pictures.

I'll just bet that Gabriel might get a big kick out of carrying on the tradition of biting the heads off the turkey cookies once he's a little older.

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