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29 December 2021


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One time, all 5 of my sister's children (there are now 7) were staying for a few days at my house when ALL 5 of them developed a stomach virus within an hour or two of each other. Vomiting galore. I called my sister who wisely suggested two very helpful things: Round them all into the bathroom with lots of books and toys and blankets until the vomiting stops. Each child should be given their own bucket so they can instantly vomit into the bucket as needed. They can only leave the bathroom with bucket in hand. It certainly calmed the chaos and reduced the damage/clean-up. The children and I still laugh about Tata's bathroom party where they drank lots of pedialyte while watching endless episodes of Shawn the sheep.

Hope le petit garcon feels better soon and no one else catches it.

The story to be repeated every Christmas as part of the family lore....Hopefully not repeated....
Ali x

Oh boy, that is not good news....nothing worse for littlelies than the vomits. I was a Matron at a girls boarding school many years ago, I was the youngest carer and I was on duty looking after 180 girls age 13-18 when a tummy virus went through the place very quickly, by the time I finished my shift for a day which was from 2-10pm there was 150 of the 180 girls sick and vomiting all over the show...it was a little stressful shall we say...they got over it quickly enough but not the nicest of experiences. Worse, I thought I had escaped catching the bug after a few days when suddenly I was stricken and everyone else was well and I was leaning over the toilet! Fun and games...but no rugs were hurt..... Cheers and Happy New Year to all in advance...Jennie NZ

I am glad you are all feeling better and so happy your Son and his lady will arrive to celebrate with you all.
Much love to everyone
May 2022 bless us all well
Love Jeanne

So glad everyone is getting better! Praying for a healthy and Happy New Year! Blessings

Oh dear - a Christmas to remember! So sorry - but happy that it's over. Now the celebration can begin with all family present. All the best for the healthiest and happiest

I remember one Sunday morning Rod and I were awakened by our son Christopher, then three. He announced “Something is spitting out of my mouth.” We got up to see what he was talking about. There were five little piles of vomit in his bedroom and living room.😂

Poor little Gabriel and kudos to French husband! Here's hoping the little guy will be able to enjoy another Christmas with the family on New Years. Happy New Year to one and all!

Oh, dear for the sick little one and way to go, Yann! 💕

Hope Gabriel is feeling better (le I pauvre), and everyone else stays healthy. Happy and healthy 2022 to all. ❤️

Hope everyone is feeling well and have enjoyed your Christmas family gathering today.
Sending love to all.

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