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20 December 2021


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Bom aniversário, Chelsea!

Oh how I love to hear your stories.
Happy Birthday Chelsea.
Much love and many blessings.
Now you have 2 babes of your own.
God bless you all real good
Love Jeanne

Bonne Fete

But 1990 was just yesterday! Babies having babies. How do you explain that? Ha! Happy birthday, Chelsea. I loved the joke and if anyone is not particularly fond of The Little Drummer Boy or thinks if they hear it one more time they'll scream, I recommend Tia Fuller's version on It's Christmas on Mack Avenue. I've never ridden a camel but can almost feel what it would be like to be one of those three weary sages rocking in the saddle. Merry Christmas!

Hello Corey,

I enjoyed your post about Chelsea's birthday and wanted to say that Chelsea Green was one of my very first boyfriends. I had wondered how you decided to call your daughter Chelsea--I thought it was a cool name too. Later I lived in Chelsea in London so it was another experience of the name. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us. Merry Christmas!

Jane Ziad

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Much joy to you Chelsea - hope you were able to share your special day with your extended family.

❤️ Wonderful memories,
thanks for this post

Such a beautiful photo of you and Chelsea!! Happy Birthday, Chelsea—-may you continue to be drenched in blessigs!

Blessings cand love to you Chelsea!!! Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday beautiful Chelsea. I see baby Gabe in your face. Blessings to you all.

Happy Birthday, Chelsea. I thought, Hmm, 1990, that must be a mistake. 1990 was just a couple of years ago. Oh wait, it’s 2021, almost over. And you now have 2 miniature Chelseas. Such a wonderful family. You are blessed.

Jennie, from San Francisco. Vava Dolores’s pen pal.

Hi Chelsea! Happy Birthday from Oz(tralia).

Great picture. Happy 32nd birthday Chelsea!

From the look of this photo, that 50 pounds fell off of you in 5 months. They say breast feeding constantly can do that.

Sending many Happy Birthday Greetings to Chelsea!
When I fist saw this photo, I believed I was seeing a pic of Gabriel and Chelsea. Then I wondered when Chelsea had got her hair cut! The resemblance between Baby Chelsea and Gabriel is remarkable! And you look so pleased with your new baby girl!

Happy Birthday. Sweet photo.

Happy Birthday to your Chelsea!

Precious photograph, precious babe

And how fast the decades fly past us, Corey. Now this buddha holds two little ones of her own! How that must feel for you.

Beautiful! Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

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