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15 December 2021


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Love this post - it's the full gamut of expressions from concerned to bemused to ecstatic (the last).

Very sweet.
I have a triptych on my wall with photos of my newborn son with different expressions. I remember how his face just went through so many expressions in seconds.

Such a sweet little bird and how she resembles her big brother. Rolling over at 2.5 months- this miss has places she needs to go!

I hope you and your family have the most joyful season. I don’t comment much but I always read with delight!

Consider how many faces Olivia's mother still likes to make!

Lucky little babe, for sure.
And adorable 😍

Olivia is a darling child. Are those dimples forming on cheeks and chin? Thanks for 5 seconds worth of joy. Happy Holidays, Corey, to you and yours.

Olivia's expressions are much more entertaining than emojis. What a darling.

She looks like baby Gabriel, just darling.

Such a sweet precious child, just like her brother.
Much love to you all.
It will be a glorious Christmas full of much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

What a joyful Christmas it will be for you, Corey, with your precious grands.
The many faces of Olivia. As sweet and precious as her big brother.
Merry Christmas!🎄

Ohhhhhh, my heart just melted!! Utterly and stunningly adorable —-baby Olivia, still so fresh from God. Thank you,Corey!!

Just beautiful!

Olivia and Gabriel, twins, a few years apart. Two sweet angels.

Jennie, San Francisco

All stages of children's lives are fascinating little miracles, but this stage, that Olivia is in now, is one of my favorites. The ever-changing expressions seem like tiny gifts.

I love the one in which she is transitioning from slight consternation to outright tongue tingling hilarity.

Sweet! She is one "Lucky" little girl to have you for a grandmere.

Thank you for this little "Christmas card" - what a love!

She's adorable!!!!

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