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20 January 2022


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Kathie B

Farmboy Husband makes focaccia. While the dough is rising, he peels and slices onions, then cooks them in olive oil (either sauté pan or microwave oven) until they're translucent. Once they're cooked, he sprinkles them over the top of the risen dough, then bakes in a hot oven. He sets the pan on top of heated tiles so the bottom will get crisp. We like to salt our focaccia AFTER it's baked (although some recipes instruct to do so before baking).

Nearly every Sunday morning my father would buy a week's worth of authentic Italian goodies (sometimes including focaccia) for the week's lunches at the Genova Italian delicatessen and ravioli factory in the Temescal neighborhood of north Oakland (Telegraph Ave. near 50th St.). It's gone now, although they have a store in Walnut Creek.

Rosemary, do you put rosemary on your focaccia? Somebody just HAD to ask -- and as Oscar Wilde famously said, "I can resist everything except temptation." LOL!

Kathie B

P.S. Farmboy Husband mixes the dough in the Cuisinart. Basically the same recipe as Rosemary's. He uses bread flour (or all-purpose flour plus a teaspoon of wheat gluten per cup of flour).

Sometimes he mixes the dough a few days ahead of time, then stores it in the refrigerator in a zippered plastic bag, where it will rise v-e-r-y slowly.


I will try making this tomorrow! Thanks!

Betty Anderson

Sounds so wonderful. I'll be trying out the recipe. Thank you


Thanks for this wonderful recipe(s)
Much love to all
Love Jeanne

Fat Rabbit

Well that just looks much too yummy. Thank you for the recipe!


I need to try this. It sounds amazing and easy.

Donna Boucher

Thank you for this recipe. It looks pretty doable for this gal.
Scared of yeast,

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