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17 January 2022


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Ha! Or plump spice-cognac might become a regular part of breakfast!

Susan in Zurich

I made oatmeal this morning, too, but with blueberries; yours sounds much more interesting! 😊


Panettone I love it......that gorgeous Italian sweet bread cake


Hey Corey Love, What recipe do you use for your Panettone? I want to make some but first have some oatmeal with cognac raisins. Yum! I miss you! xo


Oh! I am sure your panettone was absolutely delicious. I remember wonderful panettone from the market in Cassis....It only took me 3 days to eat the whole loaf on my own.


Pannetone? That is notoriously difficult to make. I'm impressped (and the raisins sound delightful :)


Oh I remember Mom’s Mason jar with raisens. In her way late 70’s I saw the jar in its special spot and inquired as to their use and I don’t recall an answer, so it must’ve been something that made sense. I never mentioned the secret. My Dad was doing the shopping at that time and wondered why he was always buying Cognac and raisens as she told him for cooking… but there was never anything with Cognac nor raisens. It was probably about that time she had upped her consumption and appeared loopy several times to him. Dad asked me and since I knew better than fib, I told him to check the jar.

Stubblejumpers Cafe

You are such a bad girl, Corey! In all the good ways.


I laughed out loud.


This just made me smile.

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