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03 February 2022


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Beautiful words. Hugs love and continued prayers for you all.
Love and many blessings
Those who live forever in our hearts are never far away
Love Jeanne

So beautiful and true.Congratulations to Jack and Jordan.

Beautiful, Corey...sending prayers and love.

It is lovely to have something positive to share when still being reminded each day of the loss of a loved one. You write very well of these things...Jennie, NZ

I'm happy to hear that his son has found love, and that your heart is healing.

Grief is uncharted territory for us all, no map, no timetable.

I am grateful that you share parts of your journey with us, your friends and readers. It helps me, for sure, as my own grief bubbles up at the most unexpected moments.

Thanks, Corey. Be gentle with yourself.
Sending love and prayers ❤️

Love and prayers to all. Healing hearts and warm hugs. Blessings

Grief,the undefeatable enemy to which we must wave the white flag of surrender once we find our own acceptable terms to make peace with it.

Yes, grief can bring equal measures of sadness and joy over the person simultaneously. The intensity of both emotions is intense. Hugs.

When I first followed your amazing blog..your father was dying in california..your posts were so poignant to me.I remember the angels who sing at your bedside..yu are such a comfort to so many.

Sending love as you remember.

The guttered candles and your words made me so sad. And then I read about the (would-have-been-approved-by-Marty) proposal. And I smiled.

I know the grief is hard. So sad. I know it has been 1 year but seems like yesterday. May God heal your grief and when you think of him you will smile.

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