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04 February 2022


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Bom aniversário, querida Corey!

All Olivia needs now is a Mary Tyler Moore hat:

Happy, happy birthday! A little late east coast time. I was remembering your birthday and went to your blog when these photos popped up! They are so happy and full of love. Thanks, you made my day on your day! 😊

Delightful! Simply delightful! Hope your birthday was too.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To all yur heart's desires coming true- health wealth joy and love oh and peace -and all that you whisper in the quiet of your soul to another year corey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Oh Corey, she is adorable!

Happy Birthday Corey. What a fun way to celebrate. Olivia wears red well! I think you should send these to Baby Gap!

Oh! Sweet Lord, these photos are everything! The most adorable bebe since Martin and Chelsea's first! Happy Birthday, Corey!

Happy Birthday, Corey! Olivia is just adorable. What a lovely happy hat celebration! Next year, on your 65th, YOU should model some for us.

She is so sweet in her hats. An excellent tradition!!!
Happy birthday, Corey! You make me smile!💗

Happy, happy birthday, dear Corey! Sweet Olivia, and sweet Chelsea for posting these darling photos for you to see on this special day. Thank for adding so much beauty to my days these past years.

J’adore !!!! Olivia est ravissante toute mignonne et biensur : belle 🤩 !!! Oui Oui Oui Les chapeaux on les aimes, pour tes anniversaire 🥳 chaque année - une très joli 💡 idée!!! Je valide et porterai aussi un chapeau a ton honneur 💃🌟🌹😊bisou Tina 🧡

Happy Birthday! What a sweet gift to share on your special day. Many Blessings

Happy Birthdays Corey!

"Thank heaven for little girls". Love the party hat parade.

Belated birthday greetings from New Zealand....love the birthday hats and she models them all very well...particularly think she suits the hat Yann picked out, the colour is gorgeous and the apple red hat too, they seem to make her eyes sparkle even more! She will certainly not be short of warm gear for the rest of the chilly weather....from Jennie - NZ

Hats off to you on your birthday and always.
Adorable photographs each one of them.
Love Jeanne

Happy Birthday, Corey!!! Seems you’ve given US all a present here with your darling Olivia in her gorgeous hat wardrobe. I love Chelsea’s creativity in making this a special memory. Hope your birthday is everything you wish it to be —-and the year to come!

🎈 HApPy BiRtHdAy to my favorite blogger! Now you need a hat too my dear. My favorite is the red polka dot🔴⚪️🔴⚪️♥️

Hats, not off, but hats on for your birthday. What a wonderful gift from Chelsea and Olivia. A perfect baby book entry for Olivia. Celebrate your birthday all month long and all year long. Happy days are here again.

Jennie in SF

Happy Birthday. Cuteness overload! I could (and will) look at these precious pictures all day.
Thank you for sharing your "gift" with us.

Happy Birthday to you. This is a sweet, heart-warming post. Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, Corey! What a wonderful Party Hat celebration. Olivia is the perfect model for the Party Hat theme. She is adorable!

"Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday we love you! Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true!When you blow out the candles..one light stays aglow. It's the lovelight in your heart where're you go."Tom Chapin..roses loves and admires you so much with all her big fat Italian heart
Definitely the red one.

Is there anything sweeter than the face of a baby peeking out from under a hat? ADORABLE! I hope you had just a wonderful birthday. I am right behind you..64 on March 18. Embracing it as a new adventure approaches! xoxoxo

My goodness, Olivia is adorable. Happy Birthday to you!

She makes all hats look beautiful 😍

She is lovely. Happy Birthday 🎈🎉🎈🎈😍💞🥳

Too cute! I believe she looks like her Mom. Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian. Mine is 1/22 and my daughter has one coming up on 2/10. A darling hat series of pictures. Hard to pick a favorite. Yes, it could be a birthday tradition, at least as long as they fit.

What an adorable posting! Olivia is the sweetest. Such a good way to start my day. You are blessed.

Bon anniversaire to Corey! And congratulations once again to Chelsea and Martin - they make beautiful children! This little girl is beyond gorgeous - so adorable and serene and with that knowing sparkle in her eyes. Wow! I love all her hats, especially the red polka dot one, and the other red one from Yann. It's a treat to see all these lovely portraits of her. Thanks so much for sharing!

Dear Corey,
Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you deserve.
Olivia is gorgeous beyond words! And looks precious in
each one of those hats! About the Son-in-law… we love them and have to choose our battles.
Neither of my two wanted my grandsons to wear embroidered, vintage layettes that I too had been
finding in my travels to France. They were treasures! Little by little, I convinced them and my Loves
looked like princes!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Enjoy your beautiful babies!!!

Happy birthday! These hats are just adorable, and Olivia acts as if she is in her element. Maybe getting a little tired at the end, but basically enjoying dressing up. She is maturing so quickly. A totally different look in her eyes.

All of these “Birthday party hats” are modeled perfectly by the most adorable little sweet treat in Paris! how lucky you are! Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

Happy BIRTHDAY Corey
I love how adorable Olivia looks. You are a truly fortunate woman to have two such gorgeous
grandchildren. Thank you for allowing us to get to know them.

Hopefully this year we can return to Provence, maybe we can again get the chance to meet up.

Happy Birthday Corey. May your candles have shined as bright as your light.


Happy birthday, Corey. I just knew the white lacy antique cap was going to be Yann’s christening cap! They’re all adorable on a precious baby.

I love each and every hat, but then Olivia makes them look even better with her sweetness.

How I love the parade of hats!! Happy Birthday Corey!

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