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28 March 2022


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Susan in Zurich


I really love soup season, (which is now sorta ending), so I'm happily shifting to salad season. I love it too!

Salad Nicoise is a favorite of ours, I'm wondering if I can find smoked tuna here? I will try.

TLC is a special ingredient, makes everything taste extra delicious. How lovely to share a delightful meal with your cousin Judy.


How wonderful. I love all you share.
This salad made my mouth water
So many wonderful special memories to treasure
Love Jeanne


I love reading about your cousin Judy’s artistry in creating the beautiful life….must be in your family genes, as evidenced by both you and your Mom . I just placed my order for the smoked tuna. Couldn’t resist —- and am happy to support Cosmo and Daniel the Cat. Can’t wait t make that salad!! Thank you Corey and Judy!!


Yum! The smoked tuna is not quite in my budget but I will try the salad as our SoCal weather warms. While I can't duplicate the special ingredient of your cousin's caring hands, I promise to be mindfully in the moment as I assemble our plates. Thank you for sharing.


That sounds so delicious.
I have been craving such a salad lately, so I will try it soon.
And the smoked tuna, yummmmm!

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