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12 April 2022


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Nice bib :)

Nice mask :)

Speedy recovery to all.

Golly, that is bad and good news, at least they will build up a natural immunity to Covid which helps if there is more to come, they all look pretty jolly happy despite the predicament....her outfit is so totally delightful, she looks like a 1940s screen siren in that headgear and overalls. Gabriel is such a brave fellow, ice cream is always the answer! Cheers and get well wishes from NZ - Jennie

Oh that precious Easter bunny looks like her brother to me. Oh my i guess they caught covid on the plane ride home. UGH

Wishing you all healing happy days ahead.
God bless you all

Wishing Chelsea and her family a smooth and quick recovery.

Sending healing wishes to all…

Talk about being the light..Chelsea sure is shining with those lovable kids...
go glad they feel well enough to eat ice cream..all the while Olivia has fun on the floor exploring.
May God continue to Bless them all!

xoxo jody

So sorry to hear this - may their cases be light and pass quickly - in the meantime I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream 🍨 ❤️

I hope Chelsea's COVID-19 is asymptomatic, particularly since she is taking care of the children while Martin is at work. And if Olivia has the virus too, may her case also be asymptomatic. As for Gabriel, get completely well soon, dear child. I will be sending healing vibes to, and prayers on behalf of, all of them. And hoping that you stay healthy, Corey.

The result of your travels I assume? Well, this sounds as if it won't be the best Easter everyone has had, but it also sounds as if, so far, no one is terribly ill. Sending positive thoughts, especially to the finger which, I'm sure, will feel a lot better if it is picking up chocolate eggs.

I am so sorry to hear this! Of course, unvaccinated children getting Covid is everyone's biggest fear...we worry constantly. So glad the case seems to be mild. Sending much love. (and ice cream is a known cure for hurt fingers. poor buddy) xoxo

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