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19 April 2022


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Sorry this happened! Best wishes for your mom's speedy recovery. It's hard to be far away but nice that you have such a big family who will be there.

Praying for your mom's complete recovery!

I am so sorry and will send healing thoughts to California. She must follow the doctor's orders!

Such a scary fall, and doggone those raccoons! I will most definitely pray for her, and you! It's difficult to be so far away from each other!

My prayers are with your beloved Mother. WE must all be so careful of falling always
My love to you all

Can only imagine how hard it will be to keep your mom down! I hope that she heals quickly and is back to doing what she loves - she will be in my prayers.

So sorry to hear your news. You and your Mother will be in my prayers.

anything Corey... in all my supplications rest assured of my united prayers with all here doing the same.

Oh my goodness. I'm very sorry to hear about your mom's accident. I will be praying for her Corey, and for you.

Sending your mom healing, comforting prayers and thoughts.
As a Quaker we say "I will hold her in the light". May she heal and return to her active self.

Sorry to hear of your mother's misfortune. Her "firecracker" spirit will soon have her back on her feet holding a 2x4 to teach that racoon a lesson that he won't forget!

Now on a serious note, praying for a full recovery for your mom and a peaceful heart for you.

Praying for your mom.

so incredibly frightening, Corey. Prayers wafting for your mom, and for you. xoxo

I'm sorry to learn of your mother's injury. I hope she heals well, and follows the instructions of her doctors, nurses and physical therapists in order to make the best possible recovery. I'm sure her local relatives will be doting on her, as she always has on them.

As to moving away from one's hometown: no matter what decisions we make in life -- should I stay or should I go? -- there are inevitable consequences. On the plus side, you married the love of your life, and this enabled your mom to get to spend time in France that she likely never would have otherwise, had you stayed in NorCal.

Oh Corey. So sorry to read of this.
Praying for a full recovery. It must be so difficult for her, you and your family.

Distance makes everything harder. The blessing is the love your entire family shares.
My prayers are with you and your family.

Oh dear, this is not good news. I am so sorry Corey. This is the side of life and love that is so difficult. I'm sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you, your family and mostly, your mom.

Hi Corey,

Ouch! Sorry to hear this news! It's so hard for mom and family, especially the first few weeks. My mom recovered from a pelvic fracture in her 80's, so I know a little about the road you are on. Fingers crossed for good speedy mending, and not too much pain. Sending prayers for ease, comfort, and a steady recovery.

Oh dear Corey, what a shock! Being so far from your Mom when something like this happens must be agonizing. I know you just got home recently after a wonderful family visit, so this accident seems unthinkable. I only hope her recovery is swift and complete. Her faith and love are so strong that I am sure she will do whatever she needs to do to get well so that she can get back to doing what she loves for those she loves.

I have often imagined the wonderful aromas coming from her kitchen. She gives so much of herself, much like you do, Corey.

Now, it seems, the extended family will have to try to bake something for her each day. I’m sure they will cherish the task. Hugs to you all.

Although painful for your Mom and for you worrisome this could be a gift of quiet time for your Mom to share and you to collect as many of your mother's stories about her growing up, memories of her parents and grandparents - If you were there yes, you would help go through all the family photos but maybe a grandchild living close-by would spend a few afternoons helping to collect the stories that go with the photos. It is hard living away however, you know you'll make it as joyful as you both are able. Butterfly prayers in both directions.

Prayers for your dear Mom. My God give her comfort and strenghth during her healing. Blessings

Chère Corey,

Sending healing hugs to your marvelous Mom; if anyone can rebound it is her due to her "firecracker" personality, strong faith and supportive family!

Praying 🙏
I have a bit of understanding, Lord in your mercy, help Corey's wonderful mom. And give Corey wisdom and guidance. Amen

I am very sorry to hear this, Corey! Your mother and you will both be in my prayers.

As you Mom is not supposed to know, we know, I am sending my best wishes on the wind from NZ and hoping it will join all the rest of the good wishes and wash over her in a lovely warm embrace of rest and recovery...best wishes to you all..Jennie, NZ

Dear Corey, so sorry your Mum had a fall & fractured her pelvis & has had stitches to her face. I can only imagine your fears being away from her.
Lots of prayers, hugs & love to you & your Mum.🙏❤🙏
I'm scared of chooks like you with dogs but can understand her being upset. My Mum had a pet chook Henrietta & carried her everywhere 🤨 all the grandchildren did too but not me......

Praying for healing and a relaxed spirit so she can rest. Praying for wisdom for you Corey, I know the distance between you has to be so difficult during times like this. I love the beauty and love your Mom has shared with her precious family over the years, her weekly Monday dinners have inspired me and I have adopted that same event for my family on Sunday evenings, it’s our family dinner and my adult children love it. She has been a beautiful inspiration to me. ❤️
Sending, love, prayers and healing to you all.

Praying for you and your Mom! Such a difficult time for all of you. I’m glad you got to spend time with her on your last visit. Life is so fragile.Love to you and your family.

Lighting my candle for Dolores and holding it to the wind so that healing and light finds it way to her. If I had a car, I would drive up there, hold her hand and listen to all her stories. Peace to you, Dolores and your whole family. I promise I won’t mention her current situation.

JENNIE, San Francisco

So sorry to read this. Hopefully your Mom will follow doctor's orders and make a full recovery. I'm sure your heart is aching right now because of the distance between you. Prayers.

I am so sorry for your mother's current misfortunes and for your distance from her. I'll certainly send up positive thoughts for both of you.

I'm so sorry to hear this. It's all the more difficult because of your feelings of helplessness. Praying for your mom's steady recovery and for peace in your heart.

I am so sorry about what has happened to your Mom, Corey. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love…💕

I understand your feelings. I come from a family of eleven siblings. I also longed for the close family ties I was missing out on, and I only moved from Chicago to Florida. Five years before my mom passed away I moved back to Chicago after 27 years in Florida. Not that I would compare Florida to France. That would be like comparing a rat to a kitten. I sure hope your mom recovers real soon, and completely.

Our Moms are alike...always thinking of something/someone else...awhile ago, my Mom finally went to the doctor because her "back" had been hurting her for a month. We found out that at some time she broken her tailbone. I asked her why she didn't say anything earlier and she said, "My generation just doesn't complain as much as yours does."

I’m so sorry to read this news, but honored to pray for your Mom.

I am far away from my family. For love. My heart often feels sore and yes, the act of letting go is a prayer in itself.

Your mother has decorated her home and many of our lives in the process. May she recover quickly but also:
Keep her mind active by word searches, reading the newspaper, singing, etc. It should be not just be a passive activity like watching TV. Although she must remain still, can she type? If so, maybe it's time to write her autobiography or poems, or list of flowers in her garden,etc. Broken bones, especially in older folks affect the mind so it's important to keep it active. I'm sure your siblings and all the nieces and nephews will keep her entertained and brain active. Prayers for her and you.

Oh i so hate to hear this news about your Mother. Falls are so ruff. She’s wise and strong. Hopefully she will follow the doctor’s order and be relentless in her quiet time and her physical therapy. As far you are concerned Corey it’s just hard. Both love and prayers will guide you.♥️

Hang on to your faith and strength! When our loved ones are in difficult times, these are the events that test us. Knowing what a positive, active woman your mom has been throughout her lifetime, you may find comfort in her resilience. Sending hugs and love and prayers.

My mum fell and cracked her pelvis last June. The only therapy was walking, with a walking frame. She is walking better than before now thanks in part to chair exercise sessions as well. She is 95! Your mother is way more active than mine so she should recover well. Fingers crossed!

Corey, It’s just my humble opinion, but I think you will feel better if you make a trip home to be with your mother. At her age, breaking a pelvis is a serious thing. If other commitments make that impossible, then you must honor those. I am so sorry for the pain your mother has and your pain of being so far away.

Dear Corey,
Being far away when my mom was ill was heart wrenching! I know what you are going through and I pray for your mom and you! I was able to go though and be by her side. I hope that you will be able to make that trip for her and for you! Again my thoughts and prayers for you both.

Dear Corey,
I will send healing thoughts and prayers from Southern California to your dear mother. She took quite a fall, and raccoons on top of that. She is such a lovely, strong lady. My thoughts are with you as well.

Everyone else has been so eloquent, especially Marilyn's promise to hold your mother in the light, that there's little I can add. I can let you know of another person praying for her and for you, too, as you balance needs across different continents.

Corey - So many prayers and healing thoughts for a strong independent woman. May your mother feel those prayers surround her with love and healing. And may you feel the love that your readers feel for you also.

Oh no! Sending healing thoughts out to California!! Hope she’ll do what the dr. says!! Staying still will be the hardest thing for her, I’m sure! ❤️

Oh I'm so sorry! I have a friend older than her who recovered just fine, but she had to do what her doctor told her. Prayers for her quick and complete recovery. And prayers for you and all those who love her so.

Oh Corey, it’s so hard and I’m so sorry. Your mom is strong in mind and spirit. While stillness will
be tough for her I imagine she will heal well. What a lot of trials you’ve had. Sending big hugs to you. Michelle

I am so so sorry to hear this. I do not know her, but I do love her energy and soul. She will be in my thoughts as she goes through her recovery. 🤗❣️

Somehow I just don't see this slowing your mom down. Hoping she has a easy and quick recovery. xo

Sending healing thoughts to your mom!

Sending love and prayers and healing thoughts to your lovely Mom. So nice you can count on your large family to be there for her.

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