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08 April 2022


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Hooray for your found suitcase!

No news here, though -- in the sense of no news being good news.

Best wishes for a speedy, complete and complication-free recovery for Gabriel from Covid.

nothing much is new here - life slowly slowly returning to normal. are you having your french muse experience -i thought April was re-launch so to speak- coming off a very rainy period and that is never good for my spirits-one year since my dad's passing- still feels rather strange to drive the roads we took without him ... i find myself uttering blurbs out loud to him - guess that is it-

Thank for your bit of news.
Sending healing thoughts to sweet Gabriel.
Glad your suitcase showed up.
Congrats to Yann. 😀 You’ll get him next time, Corey!
Sending love…

Great news for the most part. Healing for Gabriel. Praying for you all
and all of us in our world.
Love Jeanne

Hooray for the found suitcase. :( for baby Gabriel (hugs all around.) Great that you can vote!

Keeping one set of grandchildren overnight since today is my son and his wife’s 17th anniversary. Where does the time go? My husband and I just celebrated our 44th. 🌹

Glad your suitcase showed up. Hope Gabriel gets better soon.

Chère Corey et bonjour tout le monde,

D'abord, on espère que vous allez bien et le petit Gabriel sera mieux bientôt.

Puis félicitations, vous pouvez voter c'est genial. Mais, please consider running for a new government office that of the prime minister of kindness, happiness and positivity; we would all vote for you!

Enfin, sorry for the franglish :)

Bon week-end à vous,

Whew so happy for you and the lost luggage. Sounds like you are settling back in after being gone for a month. Springtime in Dallas means blooms blooms blooms and allergies, sneezing, eyes watering oh and tornadoes. Yard work, my favorite Saturday task. 🙏🏻For sweet lil Gabriel.

Hope Gabriel bounces back very quickly.

My younger daughter and 2 of my grandchildren arrived today from Melbourne(first visit in 15 months due to covid restrictions).I still can't believe that I'm not dreaming.

Prayers for Gabriel's quick and complete healing, and prayers Chelsea and babe do not catch it, nor you or other family members!

Hurray for your suitcase return!
Now to find my dental bleaching trays i misplaced somehow.

Cool spell in florida going down to fifty tonight, it was in the 90's two days ago.
a lizard left an egg in my workout shed, i made a spanish moss nest for it and am giving it to a friend who wants to watch it hatch.

Happy for your voting this year!
i just mailed my 12 yo granddaughter a book on democracy.

Have fun with Gina!
And beat Yann!

xoxo jody

Oh my, so Gabriel did have COVID.
So glad you were able to vote. Hope it went to way you wanted it to go.

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