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20 April 2022


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Hugs and much love and many prayers for your Mom
Healing wishes and blessings for you all
Love Jeanne

It's a really good sign that your mom's still feisty!

Glad to hear this positive update. I was sorry to miss you this time around. Next time...hopefully.

So lovely to hear the positive update on your Mom. She is one amazing lady. Continuing to send healing thoughts and prayers to both of you. With love...

Thanks for this update, Corey.
God bless your mom ♥️
And your tour!

Thanks for the update. Continued prayers and blessings.

Glad to know she is making the best of a bad situation and chugging on...have a great tour and enjoy the spring blooms which I imagine will be coming out in your part of the world now...Jennie, NZ

I like good news. Your Mother sets the bar high and i love it. Enjoy your tour.

Hope your Mom makes a swift and complete recovery! Sorry to read she had a fall.

Wishing your mom a speedy recovery Cori. Her uplifting spirit will see her through this obstacle. Have a wonderful Red Shed antique tour! Would love to go on one of those some day!

Joining in the chorus of prayers for recovery for your dear Mom, Corey.

I wish your Mom a speedy recovery. Falls are not our friend as we age.
And I wish peace of mind for you, Corey. I know from experience how difficult it is
to be a daughter from afar when your mother is unwell. Your Mom is lucky to have
such a supportive family surrounding her.❤️

Prayers for your mom and for you. 💕

Your Mom’s great spirit and attitude will help her heal. Continued prayers for her recovery. . Have fun with all the Red Shed tour members!

I'm so thankful for the good news about your mom's spirit and health :)
Have a fabulous tour!!!
Lots of love

I think your Mom will do well Corey,. She has so much love surrounding her and a very strong will! I’ll keep up prayers for her healing and for you to ease your worries.

Best wishes to your Mum from Burgundy xoxo

Praying her strong joy shown in this photo , her strong personality, her strong and so capable body will be stronger than ever and heal soon and perfectly. With all that family love and help and her faith in God she has what is needed.
May God's powerful spirit surround her and all that love her.
Much love Corey,
xoxo jody

Bonsoir Corey,

Lovely to read (after a long, long day dans le sud) that your marvelous Mom is doing better. Enjoy your tour; we know everyone has been eager to resume such delightful activities and by all means, visit your Mom even though she'll be doing better, carpe diem!

Glad to hear your mom is in good spirits. Here is too a speedy recovery.

Keeping you all in prayer. Glad to hear she is doing well.

So glad your Mom is doing as well as she is and that she has lots of family around her to help out.

Dear Corey - sending healing vibes to your Mom and love to you and your family. xxx Andrea

Your mom's active lifestyle will stand her in good stead now, and I'm sure she will make a good recovery. She's on my daily prayer list.

Many prayers and well wishes for your Mom. Hopefully she will recover quickly. Same thing happened to my Grandmother....she recovered in no time. I wish I was there to go on the tour with you. Have fun!

So good to hear. Hope she continues doing well in her healing.
She has such a special spirit.

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