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06 April 2022


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God bless your darling Mother..........My memory is good it's just very short
Much love

Our brains were not designed for constant notifications, endless channels, multiple apps,40 hour weeks plus 5 social events, text messages, emails and apps. No wonder we all feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and on high alert. Let us all slow down, turn off reschedule and delete what we can. It is time to give our minds the quiet and rest we need.
From Grounded and Growing

I can relate to all the named items. When I met your mom in her antique store she commented on the fact that she couldn’t read your blog unless the woman who worked in the shop with her pulled it up.

Your mom is so beautiful. She has a home filled with love and people she loves. She has lived this long, rich life and her grandchildren will never forget her. And look how Olivia and Gabriel nestle into her arms. They know they are safe. Three generations raised with that love. Her legacy. No greater gift to humanity.

Not having the internet must give her great peace of mind. I need to reduce how often I check in on 'what's up' on the internet.

Commenting on a few friends' blogs is the only social media in which I indulge, which reduces some of the hassles Jeanne cites.

I've found ways to deal with three of the items on the list:

1. I make a point of repeating the person’s name back to them when we meet, as in, “I’m pleased to meet you, Corey.”

4. I’m forever thinking afterwards of what I should’ve said at the time. Thank goodness for email, so I can wait until I’ve come up with the ideal riposte.

8. We drip-dry everything – whether indoors on hangers or outdoors on our “solar dryer” – which reduces wrinkles while saving money on both the appliance and the electricity to run it. Obviously we don't wait until an hour or so before we want to wear something to launder/dry it.

Corey, your mom is amazing.

My sweet dad didn't have internet, but he kept a little basic cell phone in his shirt or jacket pocket, charged it faithfully in case he was in need of help.
And he slept like a rock at night. Dad also had an amazing memory, I wish I had asked him more questions, heard even more stories, jokes.
BTW, I love hanging laundry to dry ❤️
Thanks for blogging, Corey xx

Yessssss Dixie. All of the above. Without a home phone i feel compelled to keep my cell phone nearby. I assume your nieces show your Mother pictures you post of your darling babies. 10hrs sleep sooooo essential so impossible for me. I admire her beyond words.

I admire and love your mom to the moon and back. She is the other I always dreamed of for my own.

JENNIE San Francisco

Hooray for your lovely Mom!
I would love to sleep 10 hours and a great ongoing memory.
So, dear friend, you are not alone. I am right there with you.
Sending love.💕

Numbers 1,3,4,5,9 and 10 are things I am good at!

OMG, that's me !!!

I think you could safely tick off a number of those things as you go through the post menopause situation, I know I have a few I can own. You just have to work harder at solving the problems and finding ways to make your brain work and fighting those slack hormones! Most people in NZ wash and dry their clothes outside, much nicer and fresher and better for the fabrics, though possibly in apartments, which I do not live in, they use a dryer or inside drying rack....One thing I found during the menopause hassles was that I needed more Magnesium...take one or two capsules of a good one an hour before bed and you should have better sleep. I have always slept 7-8 hours, except in early menopause traumas (many people are quite deficient in magnesium these days due to diet and age)....Cheers from NZ Jennie

well, check, check, check...I made 100 on this test. most troubling is the sleep thing. thanks Jennifer for pointing out magnesium. I think i used to know this...but I can't remember!

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