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25 May 2022


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Amen! Praying for the families.

It's time for all this to change and take many issues into consideration.

My heart is heavy. Yes, it is time for change.

In a state that is preventing women and girls from safe termination of pregnancy, killing children by firearms is facilitated. Not certain that I understand.

The age at which I was in fourth grade was such a fun age. I just can't imagine sending a child that age, or any age, of course, off to school thinking, hoping, that at least in the primary grades they are safe only to find out this is not the case in this country. It is going to be very interesting to see what Texas Governor Greg Abbott says at the NRA convention this weekend.

I have wanted to vomit all day. So ashamed of this state and country. That’s all I can say.

Heart breaking and unimaginable.It is hard to hold back the tears.

The Australian experience has shown that stricter gun control is possible and does work.

Heart-breaking and so frustrating.

The U$A is a gun
England is a cup of tea
France a wheel of ripened brie
Greece a short, squat olive tree
The U$A is a gun
Brazil is a football on the sand
Argentina Maradona's hand
Germany an oompah band
The U$A is a gun
Holland is a wooden shoe
Hungary a goulash stew
Australia a kangaroo
The U$A is a gun
Japan is a thermal spring
Scotland is a highland fling
Oh better to be anything than the U$A as a gun

(my take on Brian Bilston's original America is a gun)

Ella's post, sadly, paints an accurate picture of America compared to the images of other countries. This latest slaughter of innocent young children is yet another grim instance of a country lacking control; self control, gun control, and control of a united people. My heart grieves for the families, and this country.

Countless more. We will devote round the clock coverage. We will shed bitter tears. We will hear repetitive comments of how this could possibly happen here? We will elevate the fallen to "heroes". We will hold candle vigils. We will place bouquets and crosses honoring the massacred. We will bury the dead. We will send "thoughts and prayers as a balm so often used that it no longer sounds sincere. Days will pass and we will return to the daily routine, a routine forever altered for the families of the lost. Laws will not change. The representatives will play a ping pong game of blame while lobby millions feed their greed for power. And at any moment, more assault weapons are bought with the ease of a soft drink so that the second amendment is upheld. This scenario will repeat itself time and time again. We will be ready to send more thoughts and prayers as an answer to those acts of barbarians as we swallow our bitter tears.

Melly, it makes me sad to agree that you're correct.

When we did nothing after Sandy Hook, nothing - we knew our children and country were doomed. Many moms and grandmoms will keep fighting even if we can't win.

Maybe we will effect change when we learn respect for life, the young, old and unborn. 50 to 60 million abortions a year worldwide according to the World Health Organization.

The USA may be a gun and yet thousands still come streaming in. Some to have a better life, many for an excellent education.

Our hearts are heavy!
It disgusts me that our government holds us hostage.

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