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05 May 2022


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You are one special lady. Thanks for sharing with us each day.
Sending you love.

Thank hou for sharing your joy of life!!!!

And I have been tagging along for the ride for rather a lot of years now and enjoy reading and seeing about where you are and what is happening all that time...thanks! Jennie,. NZ

Great photo Corey. I’ve been reading your blogs, sometimes commenting for around twelve years.
Give or take. I have enjoyed the ride. I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones who have met you and Yann in person.
Thanks for the pleasure you give to all of us. We also cry with you during any sadness that you feel.
Looking forward to many more great postings. Hopefully, will soon be able to return again to Provence.
Ali x

Thank you for this blog and you
Love Jeanne

Thank you so much beautiful Lady! Blessings

Thank you, Corey, for this blog, and sharing the joys and sorrows of life with us all these years….each post and photo a gift.

You are a gem, a shining star for the world. Thanks for your presence.


Corey, I discovered your blog when I retired from teaching 14 years ago. We were planning a trip to France and I was googling anything I could find about it.
I have so enjoyed reading you everyday since. I tell my friends about my “friend” in France. You have such a way with words and photography I still think you should write a book. ❤️

BEAUTIFUL...You and your post!!!

Ever grateful that something in you moved you to do this.

Thanks for sharing your light.

xo. Mardog

You are a treasure and a gift, dear Corey. Thank you for spreading your joy and sharing glimpses into your life. Sending you love, my friend.

Thank you

Thank you for these many years of posting your life and love. I appreciate all the time you have given, your poetic writing, your photographic excellence and your beautiful family and friends.

Many thanks for reminding us of the miracle of life that we all participate in.

I missed this post yesterday.
Thanks for being *you* and for brightening our world.

I'm grateful I found your blog.

I've enjoyed every step of the journey you've shared. Wouldn't have missed it for anything. And in the immortal words of Frank Sinatra: "The Best is Yet to Come..."

What a wonderful life! What a wonderful YOU!
Please update on your Mother when you can.

Wow, you said so much with so few words! Indeed, you are a master Wordsmith. I too have been a long time reader of your blog & am overjoyed that you share your life with us.

And we all say, Thank you, back to you!

Dear Corey, You are a Treasure, with a lot of wisdom to share with us.... Thank you many times over from St. Louis!

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