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19 May 2022


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This story made my day!

Oh my stinking heck!!

My fear? Frogs and toads. Yikes.

Oh I love these stories..........

I had a cat named Carlotta who was a serious mouser. She would wait for hours watching the last place she had seen a mouse. Sure enough, in the middle of the night I would hear the carnage. Carlotta would be so proud of herself, standing over her kill... or almost killed mouse. My method of picking them up was the vacuum cleaner. Suck those little bastards right up and throw the vacuum bag out whether it was full or not.

I can only imagine what she was feeling! My gosh...

A mouse…terrified too. Also stepped on a snake in the grass barefoot once.😳

One detail has been omitted...DID SHE HURT HER ANKLE-sprained or such-- my gosh talk about being assailed on all fronts...character building if you will. I think my fear is snakes- last fall into early winter i was walking up the front steps into our house and i looked over the railing into what is a myrtle patch-and i saw a greyish coiled snake-it was right after halloween so i assumed it was a rubber one from the kids who live on either side. Thank GOD i did not bend down to pick it up like i normally do for any debris on our property- i called to my sister and went to the garage to get gloves or a stick or something --well i asked her is that real??-- the sucker moved-i was so freaked out!! to this moment i get very weak in the knees thinking of it-- WE LIVE IN THE CITY yes we have nature all around... but snakes i still look each and every time i enter the house through the front door. My sister assured me it was harmless...i choose to believe her so i can sleep at night.

Rats and snakes for me. When you said the RAT fell on your back!! I would have gone screaming out of the house. But the first words I thought? And she’s afraid of dogs? No disrespect:). We all have something- some people it’s birds.

Oh my!! Any of these experiences would do me in! 😱 If a rat fell on me I would scream like a girl. Bears no thanks. Don’t like snakes either. Once there was just a tiny mouse that jumped by me two feet by my car when I was getting grandson out of his car seat. I went into hysterics and my 4 year old grandson calmly said “oh grandma it’s only a mouse” ha ha

I had to laugh at this story. The one time my then-teenage son spotted a mouse in our porch and told me, I screeched and jumped up on a piece of furniture. He laughed and said with shock, "So women really DO do that!"

Rats definitely. One Saturday morning years ago I let my dog out to do her business. Let her back in again. She jumped up on the bed while I went to make coffee. I had not put my glasses on yet. When I came back to the bedroom to get my glasses saw what I thought was a furry dog toy on the bed. Thank goodness I put my glasses on before touching the toy. It was not a toy…..it was a decapitated rat. Dog was very pleased with herself.

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