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15 May 2022


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one of my MOST FAVORITE stories.

I miss Annie.

Really enjoyed the stories of her through the years.

Thank you for sharing her with us. She was a treasure.

Corey, thank you for Annie's story during the war....a bit of light during a difficult time. I miss Annie also.....thankful that you two had each other for the time you did. I am enjoying your grandchildren also....such precious, precious little ones.
I know you are having a difficult time being away from your mother. I hope she is healing and able to get out some. My mother also broke her pelvic bone and it just takes time to heal.

❤️ 🤗 dear sweet Annie. I wish I had known her. Thank you for all of her memories through the years.

What an endearing story in these trying times. Thanks for sharing Annie with us. I, too, love seeing your grandchildren grow and blossom. Chelsea & Martin must be over the moon to have such precious (gorgeous!) little ones. Makes me smile right now thinking of them.

A wonderful story, lovely memory of your dear friend.
Happy heavenly birthday to Annie

Love, love, love Annie...

I remember that lovely story well and could almost visualise her struggling along with everything to carry, including a baby and plopping down to devour that watermelon...I just hope someone in Ukraine will be given a juicy watermelon or something similarly luscious to eat to keep them going through all this hideous trauma...thanks Annie for your life story... Jennie, NZ

Annie I love her stories and all that you share of this wonderful friend you had for years.
God bless her eternity and we all feel we know her through you.
Much love and thank you for all you share on your blog
Much love

Love this story and all others of Annie. I often think of her when I smell roses. How sweet it is to know someone I never knew, through your stories

I can tell you still miss her and your friendship. What a wonderful gift that was.

I so love this story, Corey. What a blessing to have known Annie. So many fond and lovely memories.
Thanks for sharing the sweetness.

It's a beautiful story 💜

I remember that story. What a blessing that you found each other. Sweet Annie❤️

How precious Annie's friendship was for you and those around her.
I remember this story, but love hearing it again.

I love to hear her stories. So many tender moments would have been lost and not shared if it weren't for YOU! A dear friend and custodian of such tales.

Sigh, this is so lovely, so descriptive of a pregnant young woman, carrying a baby in the time of war, and how that image gave those around her hope. Thank you Corey. You and Annie were such warm friends.

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