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09 May 2022


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Just when I was fretting how to root cuttings of my roses to take along when I move! Annie and Corey to the rescue yet again. Bisous

I miss Annie.

Same here, Jackie.

Oh, How I love your Annie stories! What a blessing.
Sending love…

💗 memories are treasures

Oh i love this post. I miss Annie as well. Now I’m so curious did the rose transplant work. I sprinkle epsom salt in the hole
Before planting a new rose. Also use it as a fertilizer.

Yes, please tell us about the roses. What a privilege it was for you to have
Known her!!

More stories about Annie please! It would be wonderful to remind us of how you met her. Thank you!

Nina in Michigan

Oh, Annie! How I miss your stories of her. I don’t think I ever saw these photos.
And I missed this post about growing roses. Priceless..❤️

i really needed this post today...how i love and learn .... just BEAUTIFUL!

Fascinating! So glad to have met Annie, through you.

I love all the Annie stories. I miss her too
Love to you all
Love Jeanne

Love seeing Annie post. May need a week of them!

Appreciate the rose propagating tip.


I always love your Annie stories.
What a cutie.

I, too, miss Annie, and was delighted to see this photo first thing. I wonder, did she knit that beautiful sweater? That little pattern really sets it off. Have a wonderful day, Corey.

Love this post! I'll bet you sure miss Annie. Very interesting about the rose trimmings. Did the hair work? I must try this!

Incredible, wonderful bits of knowledge that would have been lost if it weren't for you listening! Annie so stylish and interesting I wish I knew her!

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