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28 June 2022


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God bless you and your Mom and all the family
Drink lots of water to clear that infection out
Heal well everyone
blessings and prayers

Your body knows what it need best, so sleep and rest is what you need. So glad to hear that your Mom is back home, that is where she will heal the best, I think. Corey, what is the answer to the antique guessing game from June 13?

Corey, I’ve had asthma my entire life. I went thru two long major bad periods, one from 3-12 yrs old and one from about 23-50 yrs old. Then I was given a new preventative inhaler called QVar and it’s been life changing. No infections or bad attacks since then! ( I’m 71 now)I’ve had several bad infections like yours and all I can say is, just be patient, get lots of fresh air, eat healthy and REST. It takes time, unfortunately. It’s sooo hard, I know!( especially when the brocante is beckoning!) sending healing thoughts😘

So glad your mother is doing well.
Take care of yourself and I will pray you will be back to 100% soon.

Hi Corey,
I'm glad to know your mom is doing so well. That has to be a great relief for you as well.
I'm not sure about your symptoms, maybe the asthma symptoms are part of your infection and will
go away once you're free of the infection? Who told you that you had asthma? I'm hoping it is not chronic asthma, but instead that it's a one-time thing having to do with your lung infection.
And I hope you will not get busy too soon which can bring on a relapse.\
You're still in my prayers and will remain so always. <3

Thinking of you and praying you return to your usual good health soon, Corey! It always takes me a good while to recover from a chest cold and I haven’t been diagnosed with asthma! Please take care of yourself and thank you for sharing the good news about your mother! She has been on my mind!

Dear Corey,

Continue to rest; keep your eyes closed, screens of any kind (TV, phone, etc.) off. Our brains must rest. Misha, my youngest sister is a nurse and this is her advise for most maladies, even a head cold. Also have a foot rub (by hero hubby peut-être) daily.

Do this until you feel 100% as your family, friends and fans (like me) miss you. Prenez soin de vous.

We're thrilled to know your mom is doing better!


Good news for your Mother, and yes, I have suffered twice from bacterial pneumonia. It was scary, and the fatigue is dreadful. Sleep is certainly the best thing to do.xxxx

So happy to know your Mom is doing so well —and that you’re also recovering, though I can understand your patience with asthma is wearing thin. Be gentle with yourself. Love and prayers continue to surround you and your Mom.

So glad your Mom is home safely and recovering well with a little from her loving family and that you are steadily getting stronger...just take your time and stop and smell the roses and rest! Jennie, NZ

Glad to hear both of you are on the mend. :)

Hope you are back to the best of health soon! Had a lung infection years ago, not nice, the antibiotics were nearly worse! Great news about your Mum! Take care!

Healing thoughts to you and your mom!

Such lovely news about your mother - I had been thinking about her.
And now for you - please rest and recoup your health asap.

So happy your Mom is home again, Corey. It it obvious she is well-cared for and very loved.
Sending you love and healing energy as you heal. Be gentle and patient with yourself, knowing you are giving yourself the gift of health.
Thinking of you, friend. 💕

Corey, Im happy to hear your mom has been able to return home. She must be so pleased. I know you had hoped to visit her after the last French la vie group. As for your infection have you been on an antibiotic? I have had several bouts of bacterial pneumonia and it is not fun.
Interestingly since mask wearing I have not had flu or pneumonia since covid hit which has been great. However, I did get covid after returning from France and visiting my daughter in Seattle. Your doctor is right it takes time. Don’t overdo it. Take the time you need to heal. Hope you’ll be feeling back to yourself again soon.

I am so glad that your mom has been able to return to her home. As for you, Corey, you are called to do what is probably most difficult for you: rest! May both of you be fully healed very soon.

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