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18 June 2022


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This made me think of a story from my high school days! I kept six children (for.50 an hour 😱) anyway, it was a blistering hot day and the three year old refused to wear anything but a wool blazer! Then the pet rabbit got loose and escaped to the back yard! What a day of bunny chasing with a 3 year old wearing wool, a baby, and four others under the age of twelve! ☺️
Your grandchildren are beautiful!

I pray you get some relief from the heat
Love Jeanne

Ugh so hot 🥵 everywhere. Next week filled with 100 degree days. However if i had those two precious kiddos to keep cool it would still be fun.

Precious children. “What’s heat wave?” ☺️
(Love the knee socks)

It looks like a fun day, knee socks and all. My 7 year old grandson spent the day with us Friday and wore sweat pants in spite of scorching temps and high humidity. He seemed perfectly comfortable.

Wishing you all - especially Paris - some cooler weather soon. We had some hot weather earlier this week - which is typical here - but it is finally cooler. As for the Canal St Martin - the last time I was in Paris, the canal water was not very attractive for swimming.😉

Local newspaper here in VA just had an article about the Parc de Bagatelle and the rose garden there. I will need to plan a visit the next time I am able to visit Paris.

Enjoy those cuties

Wish I could share our cooler weather with you. I do love Gabriel’s knee sock approach!💕

You mean to tell us that you never went swimming in the irrigation canal ? I'm sure your brothers did.

Papioca and Gabriel —-too cute for words!

Hoping it is a bit cooler now.
Sweet little ones and cherries on the mouth, plus knee socks too.

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