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23 June 2022


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Sending love and healing prayers your way, dear Corey!

Prayers my darling friend.
Praying for you always.
Ask many questions of your doctor
I love you

So sorry to learn you are not well Corey, how miserable you must feel. I can sympathise with your hacking cough, I had it for 2 weeks but at least we are not in the middle of a heatwave.
Love & prayers ❤🙏❤

Thinking of you Corey, and hoping you feel better with each day.

It helps me when the air isn't polluted. Perhaps the sea breeze in Cassis would be worth your try?

Please continue to let us know how it's going. You're always in my prayers. Let's pray for a cure.

OH, oh, oh - painful - sorry - and nope it never goes away or at least for me it never goes away - As I've aged the cough goes deeper and is more constant - Hope you find relief that you can depend upon - I found a group of herbs that lesson the effects along with an air filter in my bedroom - Truly hope you find your therapeutics that will make each event less frightening.

"St. Bernadette Soubirous contracted cholera as a child and afterwards suffered from asthma for the rest of her life. It almost certainly contributed to her death. Thus, St. Bernadette is a good choice as the patron saint of those suffering from asthma and other diseases of the lung."

Lovely nightie I must say...rest well and repair well - Jennie, NZ

I find that botanicals in the house -- including flowers -- aggravate my breathing. If you have any houseplants or bouquets, they might enjoy an outdoor vacation while you recuperate.

Some time ago I watched a documentary about the singer Don Mclean (“American Pie” etc) who had terrible asthma as a child. Spent the greater part of childhood in bed. At some point his parents sent him to camp (out of desperation) and he comments, “A funny thing happened. I started to get better.” From being in the woods, around other kids – and swimming in the lake, which helped his lungs. Something to look up online one of these days. Hang in there.

Sending lots of love and healing energy to you, my friend. Take good care and be gentle with yourself, dear Corey. xxx

Oh my so sorry. My husband wasn’t diagnosed with asthma til mid to late 50’s. Went thru many treatment regimens til he settled on symbicort and Flonase to keep sinuses open. He switched from a pulmonologist to immunologist as they discovered that his immune system was compromised. Prayers and concerns for good health😍

I used to have asthma attacks thirty years ago. Especially in Chicago, in the coldest weather. At this point in my life I no longer go through them. Although once in awhile I do feel a little tightness. That's when I do a quick inhaler hit and it goes away. So yes, you do kind of outgrow them sometimes.

To put it mildly, asthma sucks! I have a very good team of respirologists and support staff. It debilitates and frightens one, as not taking a good healthy deep breath is hard on the whole system. And I understand how frightening it can be. Hopefully good meds will help. Rest well.

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