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10 June 2022


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Dear lover of many things previously used and loved,

i am like you. i love much!
dishes are my favorites.. most items related to dining. i do more looking than collecting these days because my house is full.
i have a hard time parting, so unless i am willing to let go i have to not bring much in.
very hard to do, but i can occasionally.

i love books , papers, linens, decor, on and on...
really whatever beautiful with patina catches my eye.

a full house and covid have slowed me down,

have so much fun all of you!

Goodness, the temptations are vast and dangerous! I love textiles of every kind and I love books...so that is enough to fill all the corners of a suitcase or two, but as with Jody, Covid has put paid to my travelling so I do it vicariously through you at present...so thrill us with your finds please do! Have fun%%$$##. Jennie, NZ

If I went to the brocante I would look for something that makes me smile, a surprise I wasn't expecting to find. When I traveled in Provence a few years ago I came home with two linen bed sheets with my initials embroidered in red. It wasn't something I was looking for, but when I saw them I knew. Also I would be looking for more small plates and teacups to match one very old French teacup that I have fallen in love with. I don't know the name of the pattern, but if I saw it at a brocante it would come home with me.

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