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30 June 2022


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I love it!

So precious
Get your motor running head out on the highway

Any child that wears their underpants on their head is okay in my book.

Priceless and very creative!

He is a very well prepared rider, especially with the red boxers to keep air flowing but also to protect! Well done Gabriel you are a champ! Jennie, NZ

Gotta love it! The'borrowed'felt chair leg pads...genius! One cool motorbike enthusiast.


He's ready!

hahaha Very creative! What a kid!❤️

This cracked me up. You need to improvise when you're short on cash. LOL Love this.

Oh my! Your dad would smile at this! ❤️

So cute and so clever. That little boy made my day. Thank you.

Simply hilarious! This little guy is ahead of his time in setting a trend. The costume makes sense to me, especially the addition of the underwear head gear!

What a hoot! I see lots of laughter and great times ahead.

Too funny. Love his creativity and imagination. Gabriel, you got this covered and are ready to rock and roll.

So cute!
Bike and motorcycle riding- it's in his blood!

I love this so much. He is so creative. Just wait til he gets his motorcycle. I just giggled.

Just call Gabriel 'the Flash' (a superhero who dresses all in red).
A great look!

What a cutie!
He definitely has it figured out.

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