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10 July 2022


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Kathie B

Mmmm, apricots! My favorite fruit. My parents had a Blenheim apricot tree in the backyard when I was growing up, and what a treat the fruit was every summer.

It's so difficult to grow hardy apricots here, especially hopeless in years with late killing freezes that nip the blossoms in the bud. Maybe there'll be some apricots for sale at the local farmers' market soon.

Kathie B

Forgot to mention that I had a root beer float this afternoon. Brought back memories of stopping for one in Cloverdale (A&W) or Hopland (a locally owned diner) along U.S. 101 en route between the Bay Area and the redwoods region on a hot, dusty summer afternoon.

Teddee Grace

I stewed some plums a few days ago and the aroma was so nostalgic that it took me right back to the summers of my childhood on the farm where my mother "put up" the bounty of summer, canning fruits and vegetables, sweating over a wood cookstove.

Linda Piazza

Looks so luscious. I'm full out vegan and was relieved to find vegan recipes, too.

How wonderful that you and Yann are both feeling better.


Whenever you post a recipe I just know it is going to be a good one. We are loving your foccasia these days. Now another one to add to my list of recipes from Corey. Yummmm! That blueberry sauce does sound good with yogurt.

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