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23 August 2022


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Beautiful Corey I love all you share with us
Love Jeanne


Thanks for sharing, it goes straight on my FB!

Jacque Lynn

What a beautiful way, in my case, to end a day. I recall you and Annie, picking the rose buds, separating them. She talking about her life where she lived . Experiences during WWII, and something about bread. There were several stories you told about her, she and you established a warm friendship. Not surprising how warm your own Mother is, and you an American young woman embracing a new married life in what was your new homeland. The visuals in the gorgeous video enhance the story of Rose Tea made once a year. What a special tradition she shared with you. And thank you for sharing its elegance with your readers.
As always, you enrich my everyday life. And I thank you.


Loved watching this. Thanks!


What a study in hard work, patience and living off the land.
Thanks for sharing this video, Corey. I loved your stories about Annie
and remember fondly the one about making rose tea with her.❤️🌹


Enchanting is exactly the right word for this video. I was mesmerized watching it. The beauty of their garden, the lengthy process of making the rose syrup, but most of all, I loved watching those beautiful hands of hers. Thank you for sharing this lovely example of simple pleasures - a little home, a pretty garden and productive projects. Loved every bit of it.


What a wonderful video to wake up to! Thank you for sharing.


That was lovely and calming. Thanks for sharing.


Mesmerizing from beginning to end. I hope this sweet couple can maintain this heavenly life for many more years.


Oh yes! I have seen this video and many others made by this Azerbaijani family. They seem to be living in some enchanted countryside in a far better world than ours. This was the first video of theirs which I saw. Fantastique! I deeply wish I had some delicious rose syrup to put in my tea <3 <3 <3


Thanks for sharing this, Corey. I love all of the sweet memories you have of Annie.💕


Oh my, I loved watching this. I just had rose tea yesterday! I remember when you and Annie made rose jam. I would love to try that. Thank you for sharing the video.

Elizabeth Schaeffer

Mesmerizing sounds and sights of nature. Loved it.

Shelley Noble

My supreme thanks to you and Linda for sharing this, Corey. My mouth dropped quite a few times in it at how my soul must have known much of thins without my mind. It's more Halfland than Halfland. Bless you.


Loved watching it.
Thanks for sharing!
And the cake and tea at the end was the best.

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