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17 August 2022


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"Though it takes more than five minutes to walk anywhere when you live in a French village because one runs into everyone and their dog, two kisses and "Ça-va?" takes time, which is an extra plus."

Just like small towns in the Azores, except I say "Olá! Tudo bem?"

What is a French woman’s favorite hobby or pastime? (Other than touring the brocantes.) 😂

Very nice post...I would be shocked if I saw a baguette for $0.90 here in the states. I hope the fountains in town start running again.

I'm very sad to read about the drought, the fountains. Here's hoping you get some rain, soon!

We had a lot of (much needed) rain Wednesday evening, and more is in the forcast for today, here in Horgen.

Horgen is a smallish town midway down the lake of Zurich. We have no car, as everything necessary for daily life is also 5 minutes away, including the lake. The train station is about a 8-9 minute walk, which can take me just about anywhere! Gotta love the Swiss trains.

Your village is beautiful. And I am amazed at the price of a baguette!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your beautiful village.

Don't make it sound too wonderful. You'll be overrun.

I love to hear your stories.
We feels like we have guided tours from you everywhere you go

What a lovely way to live. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your little town!

Thank you for the lovely tour with photos & monologue. You are blessed indeed!💜

You are certainly in a lovely place....I wanted to jump into my laptop and pop out in your village! Cheers Jennie, NZ

HI Judy,

French women's favorite hobby? https://www.statista.com/statistics/567238/france-hobbies-and-interests/

If I were younger I would want to be there.
Though I must say I am not sure the bells so often would after awhile be annoying? Not sure? As a little girl I remember my town had a chime at noon, but it also rang when there was a fire to call the volunteer firemen. It always scared me.

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