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02 September 2022


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Precious little boy
Thanks for all you share

Wow, school already! Is it just a half day for preschool?

A BIG step for Gabriel. He's on his way now. He'll love it in no time. And coming home talking about all kinds of new things. I know,I have a grandaughter one month older than Gabriel.

What a darling boy!
A big day for sure, so understandable that he would feel all those big feelings.

Curious if it's daily, hoping it's a short day. Big change for a little fellow.

Thanks for sharing, Corey 💗

For some reason, I am no longer receiving your blog posts in my email even though I have attempted to correct that twice. So, every few days I look up your blog and update myself. First day of school! Such a big step so no wonder the tumult, and it sounds as if the rest of his day went fine. We had no preschool or kindergarten where and when I grew up so I was mature by comparison when I started first grade and still had moments of depression and homesickness in the first weeks or perhaps months. My mother had gone to Wichita, Kansas, for a month so the doctor who had delivered me could deliver my brother. My sister and I stayed with our grandparents, but I missed my mother so much and that probably contributed to my "trisstesse". With his personality and all of your good support, I know Gabriel is going to fare well.

Oh, his first day…so soon? Bless his sweet little heart.

Sooooo Cute! He's so adorable. Yes, school is scary at first! But then you always go home to mommy and daddy. Ha! I never wanted to leave my mom!

I can't grasp that Gabriel is already going to school! He made it through that first day and conquered his dragons and now he's a big boy! Go Gabriel!

What a champ he was to tackle his first day of school with such aplomb! Well done Gabriel! Well done to you all actually...always look forward to my daily dose of Corey and family et al.... Jennie, NZ

Ahhh, yes, I remember those days when my son was a little boy.
They do grow up; so even these events are sweet memories.

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